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Tense campaign

Citizen mobilization, key to overcome sovereignty victimism

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Tense campaign

The Catalan election campaign, which has just begun, does so in parallel with judicial decision to keep four protagonists of procés of secession in pre-trial detention, three of m candidates for 21-D.

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The investigating magistrate of Supreme Court, Pablo Llarena, released on bail six of exadvisors of Govern of Carles Puigdemont, considering that neir would destroy evidence nor relapse in his alleged crimes or would of justice. But he confirmed prison for Exvice President Oriol Junqueras, Exadvisor Joaquim Forn and two activists known as Jordis.

Of course, in addition to being respected and abiding, this resolution admits discrepancy. But y lack legitimacy to formulate those who come denigrating Spanish courts by denying ir independence.

The judge considered that re was no risk of destruction of evidence, although any leakage, already blurred. Instead it believed little promises to act legally of four prisoners, because of ir role of direction of process; His involvement in organization of Disorders; And his responsibility in siege — described as violent — from September 20 to Ministry of Economy.

Well-meaning critics will recognize detail of car, neir improvised nor automatic; The individualization of involvement of different participants; And millimeter construction of case vanishes any semblance of judicial banality.

However, content of accusation of violence will have to be proclaimed; Their personal consequences or only materials; Its demarcation with intimidation. and to act accordingly if, as judge accepts, it is noted that "gradually it is confirmed that change of will [towards legal respect on part of defendants] is real and real".

It is necessary to respect different tempo and autonomy of politics and judiciary, even if a resolution of this nature can involuntarily complicate electoral campaign: complicates it, does not dent it. The protagonists knew what y were doing and could have avoided se consequences. And worse, presumably serious crimes remain unresolved by mere comfort of calendar.

The campaign opens with two or very relevant data. It is certification that procés has provoked that Catalonia destroys jobs while rest of Spain generates net employment. A serious novelty to be answered by exrulers who proclaimed non-cream independent republic.

And also that, according to survey published yesterday by CIS, this painful state of affairs is strongly pushing participation and, refore, chances of victory of parties that want to recover political, economic and social normalcy lost in drift Secessionist. The sovereignty will want to talk about prisons, feed victimism and ignore damage of ir management. But it seems that an increasing number of citizens are clear about victims of procés and urgency to put an end to it.

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