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Terra Mitica power its congresses

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Terra Mitica power its congresses

The park includes in brand Grand Luxor Hotels your bet by tourism all year round

in August bid farewell to youth and families of amusement park Terra Mitica, in September we have to go looking for new customers. And a profile very different. Through brand Grand Luxors Hotels, company responsible for me park of Benidorm is promoting its strong commitment to tourism congress.

After opening last year of its first hotel within grounds, company presents this course as position is clearly this new line of business.

Climate, luxurious facilities and fun. These are three pillars on which to build an offer addressed to european market. The managers of firm are celebrating se days first anniversary with joy of seeing a very positive evolution. For this course already have a closed event that triple figure achieved in opening.

The events tourism, or MICE tourism, for its acronym in English, had already been object of work of leisure complex. These first contacts made m see potential and also limitations. is No well-equipped hotel within facilities, much entertainment is promised, or good time, re was no possibility of convincing to client.

The reference in this type of market, y explained, is world-famous, Las Vegas. The city of casinos, an icon of leisure, it is also one of business. Its hotels are known to host large conferences of multinational companies such as Amazon or IBM precisely because of capacity of hosting and for fun that can accompany. Events that are counted by thousands of attendees.

In this case, Grand Luxor Hotels has two locations, one four-star and anor five, open in easter of this year, with which to meet demand that requires minimum to perform ir events. Both have a total capacity of 300 rooms and although it is planned to expand hotel offering, are currently not established. Yes, y have a convention center, which called pyramid. Example of how character me based on cultures of mediterranean transferred also to ir offering.

In fact equipment of leisure park allows m to pose different things that companies wantn offer to ir workers in meetings. Its responsible put an example a recent dinner following style of roman or egyptian, or yinkanas that can be held within enclosure. Its advantage is that everything can be done without having to force displacement of visitors.

The big pharmaceutical companies, and auto europe are goal to which it is addressedn. Ors who have hosted come from banking sector or fashion. Germany, in particular, and England are two of countries in which y have found a market more receptive to this type of business meetings that you need to be a minimum of three days in destination.

at time, managers of complex are very satisfied with progress of project. Are beginning to move from counting by hundreds public received at se events, to thousands. As you will have this December that repeats for third consecutive year and which is planned for 4,000 people.


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