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"That's more than just b ö the scrubbing"

The Geb ä Udereiniger Ismael Thora cleans in M ü Munich window. The 37-J ä works in an industry, ü R which often lacks value ä support.

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It's just before eight o'clock. The first rays of sun fall on Viktualienmarkt, when Ismael Thora gets out of his car and searches his work equipment in trunk. He doesn't need much. A bucket, a rag, a detergent and a puller. Thora is a window cleaner, his first customer this Tuesday: A small café at Viktualienmarkt.

Thora packs his utensils into bucket and plucks black T-shirt with a company logo. The panorama windows of café reflect sunshine, and greasy fingerprints are visible on disc. Ismael Thora travels through short, black hair and puts his work equipment on a table near window. "This is a normal filthy window, not a big effort."

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For such a window, Windows plasterers use commercial detergent: "But without aloe vera or or care additives, that makes rainbow streaks." Normal filthy windows must be cleaned three to four times a year, professional recommends: "This will get its value."

Before he einschäumt window, frame cleaning always comes. Thora pushes a microfibre cloth with thumb in corner of frame and wipes along edge. Then he dives oblong wiper, which is still called "lambskin", although today it consists of syntic, into prepared soap solution and foams window. At bottom left it sticks, a residual tape hangs on disc.

Thora pulls a small metal spatula out of his trouser pocket. Then comes most important moment: pulling off. "This must happen in a single movement, when I sit down, re are streaks," says Thora. He puts puller at top of corner, lambskin as a drip protection underneath, pushes it firmly to disc and removes soap scum in a quick zig-zag movement. Then he strips off puller at lambskin.

Thora studied businessman and worked as a store manager at a large supermarket chain. Then he trained in building cleaners: "I had feeling that money could be made in cleaning industry." First it went well. Thora had a small cleaning company with 15 employees and profitable orders: "But n I fell on snout just like many ors."

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He took a big job. A job cleaning with 40 employees, six months of work. But, "I'm waiting for money today." The company that had passed order to his company always found new reasons why she would not pay outstanding sum.

Thora had to register insolvency. For five years case has been with insolvency administrator and Thora has resigned: "I don't think I can see anything else about money." The fact that larger companies outsource orders to small subcontractors and n become contracted is often case in industry: "This always revolves around money. Everything has to be cheaper. " For him worst: "Even urban orders pay all under fare. If y're not a role model, n who? "


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