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The Argal Sausage Company and the Spanish subsidiary of Pirelli are leaving Catalonia

Companies continue their community exit and add 2,907 since the illegal referendum of independence

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The Argal Sausage Company and the Spanish subsidiary of Pirelli are leaving Catalonia

The company of Embutidos Argal, Spanish subsidiary of Pirelli Tyres and AC Marca, company that has brands such as Norit or Ceys, among ors, are only some of 2,907 companies that have already abandoned Catalonia after illegal referendum of independence of past 1 October. The discrepancy between day y change social headquarters and moment in which it appears in Official Gazette of Mercantile Register (BORME), makes that y register officially a time after change is made.

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Thus, every day a register of companies that transfer ir headquarters to or autonomous communities that can be consulted in Borme is published. This Monday re are companies like Argal Food Group, which has changed its headquarters from Lleida to Zaragoza; And group AC Marca and AC brand brands, now with its registered office in Alcobendas (Madrid) after leaving Barcelona. None of se companies wanted to make any statements about it. For its part, Pirelli tyres has changed its headquarters from Barcelona to Valencia.

Also published in Mercantile registry this Monday transfer of headquarters of Barcelona to Madrid of several companies as Gas Natural Fenosa Renewables (which had already announced it last October 6), security company Segur 24 Security Systems (a Getafe); The Society thousand Traces stables, which is dedicated to breeding and training of horses; Pembo, a company for purchase and sale of real estate; and Industrial Rivisa of metal closures, among ors.

Although exit of companies of Catalan community does not reach figures that marked at beginning, re continues to be a flight of companies. On Friday, last day of which data were recorded, 31 companies left community, while in 2016 y left Catalonia an average of two companies a day. Since illegal referendum, among days that most outings have been recorded stand out on 27 October, when Unilateral Declaration of Independence (DUI) was held and 140 companies left Catalonia at once; On 19 October, when Puigdemont clarified that DUI continued to be suspended and government was advancing with implementation of article 155 of Constitution (268 companies were left); And on 9 November, y left 212 due to plenary session on independence.

Among companies that have left are Natural Gas (to Madrid), Sabadell (with Alicante), CaixaBank (with Valencia), Abertis (with Madrid), Pasta Gallo (with Cordoba), Codorniu (with La Rioja), Bimbo (with Madrid), group Planeta (with Madrid) and Allianz Seguros (with Madrid), among Or. Most of companies, like CaixaBank or Sabadell, have emphasized that decision is not merely temporary.


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