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The Bank of Spain changes the access system of the Inspectors

Julio Durán, general Manager, censures the criticisms that the President of the Association of Inspectors launched in Congress

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The Bank of Spain changes the access system of the Inspectors

The hierarchy of Bank of Spain showed this Tuesday October 3 in afternoon its discrepancy with criticisms that Juan Pedro Sánchez, president of Association of Inspectors of Bank of Spain, had carried out a few hours before in Congress of Deputies. The representative of inspectors had said, before commission investigating financial crisis, that supervisor had tools to have curbed bankruptcy of boxes and that new European supervision was more complex but less effective than previous one by Which could get worse crises than those that have been seen.

Julio Durán, general Director of supervision, convened inspectors on Tuesday afternoon and summarized with harsh comments on speech delivered in Congress, which provoked replies and comments, according to some of those present. Yesterday's call was first public presentation before entire body of inspectors of Julio Durán, who was appointed general director of supervision last March. The reason for appointment was to report that Bank of Spain has changed access system to Inspector Post. According to sources present, Durán explained that, from now on, we will proceed to perform psychotechnical tests of different subjects, an interview, an English exam and a valuation of merits, which will be based on curriculum, with a valuation of 25% on Final note. Durán explained that it is a model that is still in United States.

Sources of inspection consider that new system devaluesed current oppositions, which consisted of four Tests. So far, according to sources consulted, supervisor consulted changes in tests with inspection, something that has not now done and is interpreted as a separation between dome and inspectors.

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The elimination exams included one financial accounting, anor on financial system, in court, English exams and anor test. In field of oppositions, y are considered complex tests that require strong preparation.

The intervention of President of Association of Inspectors of Bank of Spain before deputies was forceful. He said: "It is not true that it could not have been done more or that it could not have been more effective in avoiding crisis of entities." It is not true that re was no legal support to tackle problems, although it was better, but everything should not have happened, at least with such virulence and attendant to avoid it was Bank of Spain. It also opened that " current trend of European supervisory legislation leads to an even greater disaster than we have known." He commented that supervision is much more complex "but less efficient".

With se words, Pedro Luis Sánchez Ruiz, who spent more than four hours declaring, wanted to dismantle all statements made so far in Committee of Inquiry of financial crisis of Congress by senior managers of agency Supervisor.


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