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The banks return the money from the soil clauses in 37% of the cases

Have received 1,050,000 claims and dismissed 204,996 for understanding that they acted with transparency

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The banks return the money from the soil clauses in 37% of the cases

The Soil clause Monitoring Commission in charge of evaluating how out-of-court repayment mechanism is being complied with unduly charged amounts presented on Thursday evening its first report. Clients submitted 1,052,789 requests for return and in 395,135 cases re was agreement with bank. Of se cases, in 350,404, 37.5%, money was returned from cash clauses, and in 33,329, "compensatory measures or than cash-back" were proceeded, according to Bank of Spain's note. They are awaiting response, within estimated 50,817 cases.

In chapter of unadmitted are 343,043, of which in 42,815 claimant was not consumer, in 146,660 y did not have ground clauses and in 153,568 for or reasons. In addition, 204,996 have been dismissed for understanding that "your customer's claim conforms to transparency requirements." The latter 204.0000 and or 153,000 are not allowed to reach courts. This decree pretended to avoid collapse of courts, something that y are not currently achieving. This is first balance of measure passed by Government at end of May.

In addition, according to official information y are estimated but "pending response by client", that is to say, waiting for if y accept proposed agreement, a total of 50,817. Or 39,755 are "pending analysis" by bank.

In or minor chapters, re are 11,373 cases of requests withdrawn by client before a proposal is made. On or hand, re was no agreement in 7,670 cases.

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  • The bank must inform of all conditions of mortgage although this is subrogation
  • The Madrid court receives more than 25,000 claims of soil clauses in four months
  • Reinforcements in Court of clauses soil before barrage of demands
  • The large judicial funnel of soil clauses

This Commission is responsible for collecting and evaluating information transferred to it by Bank of Spain obtained from credit institutions and to publish a report on a semi-annual basis, evaluating degree of compliance of extrajudicial mechanism.

In addition, Commission may request Ministry of Justice for Information on judicial proceedings in which individual actions are exercised on general conditions of procurement included in financing contracts with real guarantees Real estate and Cuyoprestatario be a natural person. This commission is chaired by Deputy Governor of Bank of Spain, Javier Alonso, and his secretary, who attends meeting with voice, but without vote, is Secretary general of Bank of Spain, Francisco Javier Priego. The alternate secretary is Julio Gil, belonging to General secretariat of institution. The first meeting, held on 26 July, also attended by Secretary General of Ministry of Economy, Alejandro Rubio. On part of Ministry of Justice, Director general of relations with administration of justice, Joaquín Delgado Martín, and General Council of judiciary, for his part, was represented by vocalist, Gerardo Martínez. The Ministry of Health, Social services and equality was present through Teresa Robledo de Dios, executive director of Spanish Agency of consumption, food security and nutrition. As representative of Council of Consumers and users came president of Adicae, Manuel Pardos, and General Council of Spanish law was dean of Bar Association of Elche Vicente Pascual. Finally, Santos González attended on behalf of Spanish Mortgage Association.


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