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The Best of Italy

Feinkosth ä trader Roberto Farnetani celebrates the 35-J ä of his company

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The Best of Italy

Let no one say that Italians cannot celebrate. Roberto Farnetani has rented post palace at hacker Bridge for 35-year anniversary of his operation. As a delicatessen dealer, you have to offer your employees and many customers something. In fact, he's been doing this since 1982, and that's still with growing success.

In fact, at time, 1980, with mid-20s, he had only come to Munich as Nolfer. Born in Tuscan mountain village of Radicofani as a child of a large but poor family, he had a lesson in a hotel behind him and n worked as a waiter in grand hotels in Florence and Monte Amiata. His bror, who had already lived in Munich and led a small pizzeria, n had a serious car accident and needed help in restaurant, because his wife was in hospital-for childbirth. And so Farnetani bang on fall to ISAR. Transitional way he believed. He worked as a waiter at his bror's premises, and soon his fiancée came after, and y lived in. When n bror, because of anor accident in family- five-year-old son lost all five fingers of a hand in a mincer-which gave up locally, Farnetani came up with idea to become self-employed: as a wine merchant. Because he had found that Chianti arrived pretty well in Munich, early 1980s.

The beginnings of his wine trade were, of course, adventurous: it all started with two rented underground parking lots in Pasing, where he had his warehouse and stacked cartons. The winery Cantina delle Chintigiane at San Gimignano had given him a chance as a young newcomer, and so he now distributes Chianti, which he exports with his small VW Golf. Over time he expanded product range around wormwood and finally also on Parmesan. He still knew supplier from pizzeria, and so it went on. Gradually company became larger. Farnetani collaborated with partners to manage growth.

Today it has more than 4800 different items on offer, re is a large warehouse in Allach and a supermarket with 600 square meters for end users in Pasing. The company makes an annual turnover of well 14 million euros, a good four-fifths of which is generated by Farnetani in Munich. The airport is part of clientele as well as hotels and most of Italian restaurants in city. They are getting better, says Farnetani: "In past re were 90 percent pizzerias, n came Trattorias, finally upscale gastronomy." In years since 1982, when he was self-employed, quality of approximately 600 Italian local "rose by 300 percent". The clientele has also become more demanding and knows very well what Italian specialities are about.

Toger with his partners Stefano Giorgi and Guiseppe Campione, Roberto Farnetani will continue business until end of 2018. Then he passes lead of company to his two sons Federico, 30, and Lorenzo, 16. Both now have a share of 25 percent of company. "You have to leave children free," says Farnetani, "you must also be able to build something." Freelance, he says, he wants to mingle afterwards; He can't really leave his life's work. But now we are celebrating, 35 years are, after all, a long time full of experiences and experiences, about which one has much to tell.


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