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The ' Campbell case ', a symphony of Horrors

The death penalty today lacks social or remedial function; It only serves to dramatize repulsive scenes, like the search for the inmate's veins

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The ' Campbell case ', a symphony of Horrors

Nosferatu, beautiful film of Murnau, has a longer title: Eine Symphonie des Grauens (a symphony of horror). The case of convicted Alva Campbell, sentenced to death, who could not be executed last week in Ohio Correctional because executioners ( term is probably excessive; logistics of executions is designed so that re are no culprits) were not Able to find defendant a vein to inject him with lethal solution. Campbell is 69 years old and for 20 he has waited for his execution; You have throat cancer, prostate cancer, and acute pneumonia. He walks with a walker, carries a colostomy bag and needs oxygen to brea almost continuously. The grotesque mock execution had unworthy continuity. The governor of state, John Kasich, has set a second execution date for Campbell: On June 5, 2019.

Nothing more pertinent in this case than memory of Nosferatu. Since failed execution, Campbell has become de facto a non-dead. As condemned to die at fixed date, he will be a person inhabited by nothingness. If you are fond of ology or philosophy, you may wonder who and why you have given 18 more months of administrative life, with oxygen on slopes and obligatory walker. The symphony of horror comes from implicit mockery of dignity of individual — even if he is murderer of an 18-year-old — chained to a deferred death by clumsiness of an executor. No one can be condemned to suffer two executions.

The death penalty in democracies where it is still practiced appears as a ocratic punishment, unjustified since times of Beccaia, born of estólida acceptance of eye by cystic eye in mentalities beyond any rationality. The argument, widespread, that execution of murderer calms anxiety and pain of relatives of victims is nothing more than hypocritical mud. It is impossible to confer a repairing virtue on sentences that are delayed for 20 years or more. What eye for an eye concedes denies legal machinery, dilatory and paradoxically cruel in its delay. To expected death is added own waiting, arbitrary and infamous as much as annihilation itself.

Without social functions, without analgesic virtues for victims, death penalty only serves today to dramatize repulsive scenes, like search for Campbell's veins. Suffice two examples of involuntary, but inevitable, countermade and ridiculous cruelty. In mid-nineteenth century, Claude Moncharmont was led to guillotine amid shouts, cries and violent struggles. The D.A. him him like this: "Come on, Montcharmont, be reasonable!" Of memory unhappy in Spain was execution in April of 1905 of Ramón Martín Castejón, one of murderers of crime of Don Benito. The executioner of Cáceres practiced so clumsily seizing — he did not know that prisoner had goiter — that victim shouted, insulted and cursed performer for half an hour while pleading that put end his sufferings. The horror.

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