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The car begins to say goodbye to the ' hostesses vase '

Nissan, Lexus, Toyota, Fiat and other dispense brands in the Geneva show of models posing next to the cars

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The car begins to say goodbye to the ' hostesses vase '

It's seven thirty in Morning and Victoria, a stewardess working at International Motor Show in Geneva, is already on top of some fine, long stiletto heels. His function will be to remain so until he closes room, standing and shead in a short black dress with transparencies and posing next to tires presented by a manufacturer. Neir explain product nor solve any doubts, because its function is to be a hostess vase, a figure that automobile industry has used for many years to sell cars. However, in Geneva Motor Show-which officially begins on Thursday ( day in which a feminist strike is convened around world)-most brands have decided not to hire this type of staff this year. Some manufacturers, however, persist in this practice, oblivious to MeToo movement and changing times.

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Victoria does not want to enter to value usefulness of its function and is limited to smiling in an uncomfortable way. Like her, some of hostesses of Geneva show pose with ir hands on cars and let mselves be photographed by journalists. It's booth babes.

Last year, one of girls of brand Dodge RAM won beauty pageant organized by a German automotive magazine. In this edition, we still see hostesses vase not only by huge cars of Dodge, also in positions of manufacturers like Alfa Romeo, mansory or Pirelli. Thus, one of main providers of Formula 1 keeps hostesses in car lounges, while organization of competition has already announced that it would not hire girls who pose in exit and arrival of circuits.

While some manufacturers are oblivious to criticism, ors have taken note of movement MeToo against sexual harassment, and mobilization it has generated, to point of culminating in a call for a feminist strike this Thursday, precisely The day salon starts.

Brands such as Nissan, Lexus, Toyota and Ssangyong already announced before show that this year would dress boys and girls in a similar way, and that ir role would be to explain and sell product. "Times have changed, makes more sense to use product specialists, as we are selling cars," said Bloomberg agency a representative of Nissan.

In same way y think of Seat, where girls who present and explain products are dressed in comfortable trousers, slippers and a sports jacket, in line of ir new Cupra brand. The objective, explained in Spanish firm, is to reach client with car as protagonist. Also in Fiat, a brand that had always used figure of stewardess vase, this year workers wear pants and T-shirt: Before salon Italian firm announced its intention to achieve parity among employees explaining details of Cars y sell.

In Jeep, Volkswagen or even Rolls-Royce, men and women also wear uniforms and cater to customers. The exhibitors, according to organization of salon, are free to decide how y present ir products, but for first time it seems that in Geneva bet for hostesses vase loses ground.


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