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The cattle are loose and the herds in action

Perversion is recorded and grouped today. It is advisable to make it look

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The cattle are loose and the herds in action

While big thinking heads were worried about effect called Aquarius, only effect called that caught us with low guard is herd. We correct: herds.

Five men, one of m minor, were detained in Gran Canaria last weekend for raping and recording a minor who had allegedly been drugged. They celebrated it in dungeons with haughty cries in which y called mselves " new herd", according to police sources quoted by Canary Islands now. Three or young men are accused of multiple rape to a girl who was taken from dawn to a secluded area of Molins de Rei (Barcelona) from a nightclub. After multiple aggression, she was allegedly abandoned at a station, where Mossos found that she was stunned and nervous. There's also recording. A child under age of 15 was raped in port of Santa Maria (Cádiz) during night of San Juan, a summer solstice, this year, which has had shameful peculiarity of adding three or allegations of aggression in Barcelona, one in Palamós (Girona) and anor in Murcia .

The cattle are loose and herds or ir apprentices, in action. Violations (or allegations of rape) have grown with respect to previous years, but Spain remains one of EU countries with lower reporting rates, with 2.65 cases per 100,000 inhabitants compared to 62 in England or 57 in Sweden, according to data from this European Dística of 2015. The Ministry of Interior collected 1,382 allegations of sexual assault with penetration in 2017, an increase of 10.6% compared to 2016. The or crimes against sexual freedom amounted to 10,310 (7.5% more). And that is a way: we must denounce. Yesterday he cried for it victim of herd in a letter to women.

But it is time for society to thoroughly analyse data in Spain and or countries; That Governments and town councils take action in face of an epidemic that amounts to almost four rapes a day, too. And it is time that, in our internal jurisdiction, that of families and relatives, we reflect on what type of sexual model and education we are seeking to make aggression a form of accepted and celebrated behavior in group and, in addition, recorded. The crime used to be that illegal fact that one aspired to commit in secret and without being caught. Multiple and recorded rape fits not only with an outdated Penal code that herd case has put in evidence, but also — and this is most challenging — with an anxiety about exhibiting crime, abuse, physical superiority and bad sexual faculties Understood in community. Perversion is group and this must be watched.

Fight of Roosters, a delicious and also painful book by María Fernanda Ampuero edited by pages of foam, describes wiles that a child is rehearsing ignorant and abused to avoid invading hands of adults. It is achieved by protagonist by a eschatological way that is not exactly disgusted by ir needs, but by urgency of men who think y own ir childhood. It is urgent to reflect and act so that women do not need to protect us in worst way, but through path of extended respect and education. We're already late.

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