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The central administration will create net employment for the first time in eight years

This year's public employment offer will exceed 17,000 seats

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The central administration will create net employment for the first time in eight years

The Ministry of Territorial administrations and public service and Unions of public workers (CSI-F, CC OO, UGT and CIG) agreed on an offer of employment that will officially approach 20,000 seats. However, this amount includes some 1,800 seats that came out in an extraordinary call of 2017. So if se squares are discounted, which are part of this year's public employment offer, figure is somewhat more than 17,500.

These aggregated figures are broken down into 10,016 corresponding to what is called free shift. In m, open to all opponents, are included squares that seek to cover casualties that occur every year (mainly by retirement). This year will cover all casualties, posts that replacement rate is 100%.

In addition, re are 485 additional template augmentation. These are ones that make it possible to increase jobs in central administration in a net way. These nearly 500 additional jobs will be aimed at reinforcing fight against tax and labor fraud. They will also go to Social Security Administration, a State Department with remarkably aged workforce. To offer of free shift is to add one destined for internal promotion, which amounts to 5,977 seats.

The figures of agreement are completed with 2,863 jobs created to consolidate positions occupied by interims. These jobs correspond primarily to tax agency, state Public Employment service and Imserso.

Finally, we must add an extraordinary offer of 323 jobs to reinforce immigrant's stay centres and reception centres.

The agreement between unions and government also includes that low-income officials charge 100% of salary. Since 2012, after decree of cuts, remunerations of officers of Baja remained in 50% during first three days and 75% between fourth and twentieth. In many regional administrations, this wage cut has already been restored. According to Minister of Territorial Administration, Meritxell Batet, signed agreements suppose "to recover lost rights in times of crisis".

According to CSI-F's representative, Francisco Iglesias, agreement is "positive." This Union calls for an additional effort to recover 38,800 seats lost by central administration since 2010. "It's a positive pact. There is job creation, "said José Manuel Vera, of CC OO. The UGT's manager, Carlos Álvarez, said: "We are satisfied. Continue path of last year's agreement. "

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