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The creation of companies dropped 14.3% in Catalonia in full independence challenge

In the whole of Spain, the incorporation of companies grew by 1.5% during October

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The creation of companies dropped 14.3% in Catalonia in full independence challenge

The number of new mercantile companies increased by 1.5% in October compared to same month of 2016, up to totaling 7,236 companies, while business dissolutions fell by 2.3%, to totalize 1,507, according to data disseminated this Tuesday by Institute National statistics (INE). In this way, creation of companies returned to positive ground after six consecutive months chaining interannual setbacks. In Catalonia, where climax of independence process was lived in October, 1,224 companies were created, 14.3% less than twelve months earlier, although 8% were also dissolved.

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21.5% of mercantile companies created in October are dedicated to trade and 14.5% to construction. As for companies dissolved by main economic activity, 20.6% corresponded to trade and 15.1% to construction.

For Constitution of 7,236 companies created in October were subscribed almost 432 million euros, which implies a decrease of 39.9% compared to same month of 2016, while average capital subscribed, which stood at 59,676 euros, decreased by 40.8% in annual rate.

Of 1,507 companies that were dissolved in October of this year, 70.5% did so voluntarily, 15% by merger with or companies and remaining 14.5% by or causes.

For its part, number of mercantile companies that expanded capital in tenth month of year increased by 0.6% interannual, up to 2,194 companies. The capital subscribed in se extensions exceeded 1.241 billion euros, 30.1% lower than October 2016, while average capital was 59,676 euros, a 40.8% less.

In monthly rate (October on September), creation of mercantile companies rose 17.6%, while dissolution of companies increased by 36.1%. In both cases this is highest monthly rebound in October from 2014.

Catalonia cuts down 14% creation of companies

Madrid, Andalusia and Catalonia were autonomous communities that more mercantile companies created last October, with 1,709, 1,260 and 1,224 companies, respectively, while La Rioja (34), Extremadura (58) and Cantabria (62) were regions that Fewer companies founded.

Five communities recorded interannual declines in creation of companies in October, including Catalonia, which founded 14.3% less companies than in same month as 2016. In this community, 115 societies were dissolved in October, 8% less than a year before. The most negative variation in start-up of companies, however, occurred in Extremadura: The 58 companies created are 27% less than previous October.

The Autonomous communities that presented a greater number of dissolutions were Madrid (472), Andalusia (240) and Basque Country (117). For ir part, those who registered fewer dissolved mercantile societies were La Rioja (13), Murcia (15) and Cantabria (17).


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