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The economy of ascent by descent

The big numbers are fine, but the important ones are the-smaller and smaller-pockets

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The economy of ascent by descent

The night is to journalism what pain for athlete. If you have not had a bad time, you can boast a lot in social networks but you have never really practiced that sport. It is a kind of permanent guard with high and low activity where, depending on what happens, hours last a few seconds or lengn eternal. For some it's a trench with mud to ears. Hell. For ors, a silent viewpoint. An oasis. Frankly, it's much more first thing than second. So those who have spent years in night share — in addition to sleeping problems or heartburn or hypertension or all at once — a kind of veteran's solidarity and experience that even most banal talk can be learned things.

Long ago, one of those nights, a colleague explained her ory of descent ascent: in a social structure of type that is a person tries to climb, improve ir position, progress. But you don't think he gets it. However, after some time, he discovers, to his surprise, that he is much higher on staircase than he thought but not because he has climbed but because almost everything around him has sunk. In mountaineering terms it would be as if base camp had suddenly become for many climbers at a point near summit.

That's exactly what's happening in our country. The crisis is going back in general terms but in individuals — which is in end what affects each one's life — is not so. In a society where economic level — which for most citizens is determined by wages — marks integration into social system, being out of work means having a foot and a half out of system. And re is something that is not less dangerous: to have a job, or a chain of work, and not to reach end of month.

Being Mileurista has become a more than acceptable goal of income for many workers is a clear example of a descent ascent. Pablo Iglesias ( Google algorithm here shoots) called families where y entered 50,000 euros a year. No doubt an exaggeration of political uploaded to lectern, but let's take a closer look. It is two salaries of 25,000 euros per year that after taxes are left each one in 1,400 per month. And it must be recognized that for millions of Spaniards a couple little more than Mileurista is a privileged: both have jobs and surpass thousand euros. This may not be exactly right economic recovery.

Redistributing wealth should not be a matter of left or right, but common sense. Third societies stand out for ir inequality. The advanced, for creation and distribution of wealth and possibility of social mobility of its citizens. Microeconomics is not an annoying detail of macro. It's usually his engine. Ascent by descent is a danger to all.

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