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The employers of SMEs in Catalonia say that 1,300 companies have moved their headquarters

According to a survey of its associates, 11% have opened bank accounts outside of Catalonia, 10% have stopped investments and 9%, will in the near future

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The employers of SMEs in Catalonia say that 1,300 companies have moved their headquarters

The Association of Small and medium-sized enterprises of Catalonia, PIMEC, has revealed that some 1,300 companies have already moved ir social headquarters outside of Catalonia to independence challenge. In a survey among its partners, Pimec has found that re are 1,300 companies, 1% of SMEs in community. Anor 2.2% of companies are considering change of social seat, while 15.7% say y do not know if it will.

Although president of Pimec, Josep Gonzalez, has relativized impact of independence process, since 54% of respondents have declared not to be restless in financial plane, Gonzalez has assured that any movement out of Catalonia is Troubling: "It's like y're taking away a molar."

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The president of Pimec has blamed Spanish government for facilitating march of companies with a decree — which has been endorsed in Congress with votes of PP, PSOE and Citizens —. "We entrepreneurs have had enough of asking for dialogue, but if answer is to imprison people and make decrees to take advantage of situation, all we see is an inability to dialogue on part of politicians, on one side and or," he concluded.

As reported yesterday by College of Registrars, since referendum of October 1 and until 18th of October are 917 companies that have already made that change of seat in official records after approval by ir board of directors. The drip of known companies that have made that decision has accelerated and includes large prices of Ibex as Natural Gas, CaixaBank or Sabadell, centenarian companies like Codorniu and ors popular like Bimbo or owners of Cola Cao. But list is long and includes SMEs as well. The pace of exits already made foresee that week will close above 1,000 changes of official social headquarters.

The Piec survey, based on a sample of 402 interviews on total of 130,000 small and medium-sized enterprises in Catalonia, indicates that political situation is not creating widespread concern. However, 11% have opened bank accounts outside of Catalonia, 10% of respondents have declared to have stopped investments, and 9% will do so in near future. "The change of social headquarters has an economic impact close to zero, because what is important is that activity continues here," said Modest Guinjoan, director of Observatory Pimec. The President of entity has warned, however, that in long term it can be a danger that companies that have moved headquarters decide to invest outside instead of doing so in Catalonia.

Appeal against boycott

Gonzalez has appealed to dialogue between institutions, and has warned that if intervention of accounts of Generalitat translates into a delay in payments to suppliers, companies will protest "with all consequences". The president of Pimec has also requested that a boycott movement not be generated, which y have not yet identified in ir survey, because it ensures that it will be a difficulty for all Spain.

Gonzalez has warned that, in some cases, re have been "pressures and suggestions" to companies to change ir headquarters and, although he has said that financial institutions such as CaixaBank or Banc de Sabadell have changed its headquarters, has recognized that "does not see "Reasons why or big companies are gone."

The president of Pimec, who has supported vice-president of Generalitat, Oriol Junqueras, in his explanations on flight of companies, has harshly criticized " alarmism of some statements" like those of President of Foment. "It would be necessary to revise its catalanism, because this alarmism does not help or favor dialogue, just as government's lowering of forecasts for growth does not," he noted.


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