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The end of the ' procés '

The restoration of legality via the 155 oxygenates a depleted society

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The end of the ' procés '

After a few weeks of overflowing tensions that culminated in Declaration of Independence approved on Friday by Parlament and subsequent approval in Senate of government's plan to restore constitutional legality, Catalonia yesterday lived a day of Significant tranquility.

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On one hand, measures taken by Government under article 155 of Constitution began to be implemented. It is worth noting normality with which those responsible for security and public order accepted ir cessations and requested ir successors to forward it throughout chain of command. The fluency and tone that has presided over substitution of largest by its number two clears great uncertainty. The disappearance of any doubt about role of Mossos D'Esquadra in coming weeks was absolutely essential in order to ensure that restoration of Constitution and holding of elections could be held with full guarantees of Security, rights and freedoms.

It is not possible to say same for moment of TV3, anor crucial institution for recovery of normalcy, which was lent without furr explanation to disseminate a message of ceased president of Generalitat in which he pretended to be unaware of his cessation and, after Habitual institutional symbols, it appeared fraudulently to continue still in front of Govern. A fact that reminds us that Catalan public media, highly questioned for its trajectory in service of procés, can not leave any doubt about its vocation to offer rigorous and quality information to all Catalan society.

In any case, it is essential to clarify ambiguities left by Carles Puigdemont, already former president of Generalitat, in that message. Neir Puigdemont himself nor anyone can doubt that president has been terminated in his office, along with entire government, and his functions assumed by National administration under article 155 of Constitution. The clarity at this point should not only be absolute in order to put an end to regrettable perception given so far to existence of counterposed legitimacy and legalities but decisive when it comes to settling legal future of Puigdemont itself.

But most important thing of day is that streets and civic life were presided by most absolute normality. It is not little in a society deliberately polarized for years by independence. The trauma of that division gave way yesterday to a horizon of coexistence in peace and without tears. Article 155, despite independence rhetoric, is not an aggression to Catalan society, but a relief against a toxic procés in political, economic and civic that has generated boredom, when not fear.

The zero impact in and out of Catalonia of Declaration of Independence on Friday proves that Secessionism has forced both proceedings, twisted facts and stressed both citizens with ir illegalities, changes of course and internal divisions, which has come to its very moment summit completely discredited. With its grotesque and cheating proceed and with decisive thrust of society and State, Procés has defeated itself in sight of all. What is now ahead is to ensure that this failure is channelled towards recovery of political, economic and civic normalcy. This forces everyone to work to fullest to achieve a climate of tranquility, respect and conviviality with a view to elections of December 21st.

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