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The European court orders to revise the judgement that endorsed the Spanish subsidies to the shipyards

Justice had rejected Brussels ' claim that Spain would recover grants granted

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The European court orders to revise the judgement that endorsed the Spanish subsidies to the shipyards

The Court of Justice of European Union (CJEU) has ordered this Wednesday to revise sentence that endorsed Spanish system of tax credits (tax lease) for investors in shipyards, that previously had been declared illegal by European Commission.

The case goes back to 2013, when Brussels asked Spanish authorities to recover illegal aid granted to shipyards under this system between 2007 and 2011, after concluding that aid scheme violates EU rules on public aid because It granted a selective advantage to its beneficiaries with respect to its competitors.

The community executive n established that subsidies should be returned by investors who financed construction of ships, but not by shipowners or shipyards mselves.

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This system was launched in 2002, although Brussels proposed to recover support granted since April 2007, compared to government's position, which advocates counting since 2011, when bonus scheme was considered illegal.

The Spanish government and companies for Leasing and small and medium-sized shipyards restructuring society appealed to Brussels decision. The General Court of EU-agency of first instance-annulled decision of Community executive in a sentence that was made public on December 17, 2017.

The European Commission lodged an appeal and, in its judgement on Wednesday, Court of Justice has cancelled ruling of General court, which has returned matter for furr evaluation.

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