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The French reformist train

Macron confronts with sufficient support the railroad strike once the Labour statute has been approved

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The French reformist train

Millions of Frenchmen have suffered this week from paralysis of a large part of rail service. They have been beginnings of an intermittent strike in SNCF ( French RENFE) that will last three months and that, apart from testing citizen's patience, is a great union bet against reformist president of France, Emmanuel Macron. The SNCF is a public mastodon that employs 140,000 people and has accumulated a debt of nearly 47 billion euros. Its legal transformation and openness to competition — following Brussels guidelines — goes, according to Macron Reform project, to increase its efficiency by eliminating privileges enjoyed by trainers. Among advantages are that jobs are life, that can retire with full retirement from 52 years and that y and ir families travel free or low price by train.

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Macron won elections a year ago with a program that seeks to end "blockades" — according to his words — that strangle French economy. Unions are on guard and have managed to decaffeinated reforms of previous governments. But current president has political majority and with indirect support of citizens, opposed mainly to strike, in spite of French zeal for its social model. It overcame macron approval of a labor reform that rougher labor rights, now it is turn of SNCF and, soon, will undertake institutional changes that will limit mandates of elect and will reduce number of parliamentarians.

With tail wind, French economy accelerates its growth and reduces unemployment; Consequence to a great extent from his predecessor. It is a great opportunity for Macron to be able to carry out reforms so often postponed and that France so much needs to win future.

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