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The giant project of Antalya. check it out!

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The giant project of Antalya. check it out!
The giant project of Antalya. check it out! IHA economic news date of entry: 16.9.2017 15:42 Updated date: 16.9.2017 16:06 cruise and yacht harbor of Antalya Metropolitan municipality complex Project, check out Metropolitan Council. Antalya Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Türel "this give an important impetus for investment and tourism, we aim to increase level of income and raising quality," he said

mayor of Antalya Metropolitan municipality Menderes Türel, cruise port of Antalya project is an important investment for years missed, he said. Türel, "this investment by providing a significant impetus to tourism in Antalya, to give, to quality we have a goal. The third generation mainly higher income level tourists traveling on cruise ships is age. From Antalya high-income tourists, in order to bring cruise port we want. We have been working for a long time about this. High Planning Council (HPC) and a member of our planning Board decision was signed by our prime minister and our Ministers. Currently project is ready to tender," he said.LARA most convenient location

The project belongs to municipality Türel at beach way it is Lara telling, "covers over 300 acres of land. The beach is around a thousand feet in width. Cruise harbor and beaches are closed just because a team I see criticism, I'm wonder if. We can't do se ports not on beach out in sticks. Hence, 640 kilometers on coast of Antalya on Antalya coast port this port if we're gonna be we in case of being. Of course, se locations are Airport, Kundu, Belek Tourism Centre and proximity to city centre is important. Lara appropriate location. Our biggest chance. This port is made when Start and end point will be. 10 minutes from airport. Ships to South America on a tour of how you go before you quit on plane to Miami, and from re by ship you are traveling, now made a tour in Mediterranean or planes to be last stop before Antalya next to Antalya in same way, everyone from here will be to land plane will return. Its proximity to airport is so important. Cruz is getting a hotel in harbor. Coming on board as incoming tourists arrive, lodged at hotel Cruz harbor in a day or two."

LAND will be accessed through an aquarium

Türel, President continued his speech: "Canada is a hotel in Izmir Port, a cruise port, harbor breakwater was built on top of. Therefore, hotel must be closest place to cruise port. Also located in commercial area, is scheduled at yacht club. Would be willing to ship over 4 300 meters from cruise port. In addition, a marina with yachts will have a capacity of approximately 420. Here we have advantage of project. For example, offshore breakwater of port from cruise ship of sea with iron to beating do you get elevator down to bottom. The rail system from a tank to fish in sea you're coming in to land. Spectacular images of fish swimming around 700 -800 feet with passes, you will be back on land. This also will be an attractive situation for tourists. Within scope of this project."

we need to attract investors

related to project and most respected cruise companies in world who are doing this important many interviews stating that y do Türel, "sister town protocol was signed in Miami when many interviews I've done. Surely here we draw attention of investors that ir investment appetite Antalya we need to provide a serious way. This project was developed for him. We'll go to auction and buy if found to Antalya domestic or a foreign investor," he said.

1 inch will not abate

shaped Menderes Türel of project that will affect Lara reservations brings clarity to coast, " experts preparing people of this gigantic project. It is not enough to prepare se individuals. The Ministry of Transport and infrastructure General Directorate of this project is pulling apart. Lara Beach, where I spent all my summers until I was 18 I was 3 years old me it's a beach. Lara Beach is a beach that is to lose inches if 1 inch I wouldn't trade a thousand of cruise port. Hence, we performed a very detailed review of all of m. Regarding shipping of our friends was checked by Ministry of transport. And this risk is out of question in relation to what you said, no hesitation. I told m while looking into a technical and friends; if 1 lose inches from Lara Beach, this cruise ports in any way, I thought I'd do here. Reviews of se topics after y gave ir consent all technical details in this regard. We're on our way and we like that. Entrust job to people who we sense we are representatives of faith."


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