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The girlfriend of the alleged ripper in Majadahonda says that he lives in an unreal world

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The girlfriend of the alleged ripper in Majadahonda says that he lives in an unreal world

The ripper in Majadahonda is lost in space and in time, according to defense

The girlfriend of alleged ripper in Majadahonda (madrid), Bruno Hernandez, 34, has declared today in trial that his partner live in an unreal world, and that he looks incapable of committing a crime.

The woman, who has a girl of two years because of his relationship with Bruno, has declared after a screen not to be recognized by everyone in room but it was visible to eyes of court and of Bruno. However, your partner has not looked at during his testimony and has remained unmoved despite fact that he has proclaimed his innocence.

The real name of Veronica is Barbara but as well called Bruno by contain its name letters " e " and erre, as person accused of double murder of her aunt and her tenant belongs to an alleged secret brorhood called ER.

Veronica met Bruno in health centre, where you came in to be treated for anor mental illness. He explained, visited him in jail regularly and that you do not see it possible for your boyfriend to do harm to anyone.

The alleged criminal also yesterday said that he had not killed anyone and that he had not committed any crime.

The prosecutor asks for Bruno Hernandez 30 years of internment in a psychiatric hospital and applies defense incomplete for suffering from a paranoid schizophrenia that cancels partially will sometimes take decisions in which it is worn. The defense is asking for his free absolution for his mental illness which causes him to be lost in time and space and live in a fictional world. He adds that does not have criminal liability and also ensures wher defence that records in house of defendant were done without judicial authorization.


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