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The government appeals to the Spain brand to put an end to the Ryanair stoppages

The Irish airline ensures that it has relocated or refunded the ticket to all those affected by the cancellations

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The government appeals to the Spain brand to put an end to the Ryanair stoppages

The government has appealed to Spain brand and to damage that is being inflicted on national tourism industry and has called on Ryanair's management and trade unions to find a negotiated solution to stop stoppages convened by Tripul Before cabin for 25th and 26th of July, y have supposed cancellation of 400 flights in Spain and affected 75,000 passengers.

The Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, showed this Tuesday his concern about consequences that strike may have for Spanish tourism. "We are concerned about consequences that may have, not only for visitors but also for image of Spain," he said.

For its part, Secretary of State for infrastructure, transport and housing, Pedro Saura, asked Parties to act with "moderation" and look for agreement because it is good for workers and airline, but above all "for Spain and its tourism industry ". " What I would ask parties is moderation and seek agreement because it is good for everyone, " Secretary of state said.

However, number two of Ministry of Development sent a warning message to labour policy of Ryanair, warning that government believes "that competitiveness is not won by competing downward in salaries at international level but that competitiveness is something much More complex and has a lot to do with productivity. "

In this regard, he supported demands of TCP to be recognized Spanish labor rights, main justification for convening PAROS.

In addition, from call to negotiation, Government monitors Ryanair to comply with rules on cancellations that protect passengers in EU. The State Air Safety Agency (EFSA), under Ministry of Development, recalled that Ryanair is obliged to pay each passenger compensations set by European legislation between 250 and 600 euros for cancellation of ir flight because it has not notified of Cancellations with at least 15 days advance and because strike is convened by crew, who are staff of company itself and refore not due to an "extraordinary circumstance" as Ryanair points out.

The State Air Safety Agency (EFSA) will deploy inspectors at different Spanish airports to ensure that passengers ' rights are met during Ryanair crew strike.

Ryanair said Tuesday that 100,000 passengers affected by cancellations in three countries (Spain, Portugal and Belgium) for strikes have already been relocated on alternative flights or has managed full refund of your ticket. The Irish airline does not expect more cancellations tomorrow, Wednesday, when it will operate more than 2,400 flights in Europe and transport more than 450,000 customers.

Meeting without agreement

The management of Ryanair and unions convening of PAROS USO and Sitcpla held today a last meeting under mediation of Directorate General of work which proved fruitless. The workers ' representatives rejected threat of layoffs launched in day before by Irish company if stoppages continued.

"20% of Ryanair's revenues are generated by Spanish base. It is truly a threat because it is way to make Ryanair but it does not give us any fear, said Monique Duthiers of Sitcpla. "What we are not going to allow is for a foreign company to come here, to make profits, to exploit workers of this country and to threaten us with that it is going to take business," Ernesto Iglesias added of trade union use-air sector.

Ryanair's chief Marketing officer, Kenny Jacobs, was more optimistic. According to him, airline remains open to demands of unions and was convinced that an understanding will come to unions, as has happened in UK or Germany, even if more meetings are needed, which could take place next week.

Complaint against France

On or hand, International Airlines Group (IAG), Ryanair, EasyJet and Wizz Air have filed complaints against France to European Commission in considering that strikes of its air traffic controllers infringe rights of free movement in Union European.

The airlines do not question right to strike, but in ir allegations y argue that France is infringing European legislation by not allowing French territory to fly over strikes. In his view, passengers who have to fly over France are deprived of ir freedom of movement between Member States that are not affected by stoppages.

So far this year, air traffic controllers ' strikes in France have increased by 300% over 2017. Last month, French Senate confirmed that France is responsible for 33% of flights that suffer delays in Europe.

The conflict, in figures

operations. Ryanair will operate on 25 and 26 July 630 daily flights to or from Spain, 24% of which was initially scheduled. In all, Europe Irish airline will operate today 2,400 flights in Europe and transport more than 450,000 customers.

cancellations. The airline has cancelled 418 flights in Spain, with 75,000 passengers affected in two days of unemployment. Toger, in three countries where have called strike cabin crew (TCP), re are 600 flights cancelled and 100,000 passengers affected

relocations. Ryanair assures that all passengers who have suffered cancellation of ir flight in three countries (Spain, Portugal and Belgium) Dond Ehay strike have already been relocated on alternative flights or have managed full refund of ir ticket.

Minimum Services. The Ministry of Development has set minimum services for strike, which obliges to guarantee 100% of domestic flights between peninsula and islands; Between 35% and 59% of flights between peninsular cities and 59% of international flights. They are called to strike 1,807 passenger cabin crews convened by trade unions USO and SITCPLA.

compensation. Ryanair claims that it will not pay Ngiuna Compnesación additional to ticket price to passengers whose flight has been cancelled by understanding that strike is an "extraordinary circumstance". However, Ministry of Development assures that travellers have right to claim between 250 and 600 euros which sets European regulations on cancellations, depending on flight.

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