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The Government confirms the agreement to give a free route to the Chamartín operation in Madrid

The new pact plans to build 10,500 homes, 6% less than the previous plan

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The Government confirms the agreement to give a free route to the Chamartín operation in Madrid

The Minister of Public Works, Íñigo de la Serna, confirmed this Tuesday that his ministry, city of Madrid and promoter of Castellana Norte District have reached an agreement to begin procedures for modification of General Plan of Urban Planning (PGOU) Of new North Madrid project, known as Operation Chamartín. The promoter of Castilian North District (DCN), which works for development, recorded yesterday documentation.

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Thus, definitively unstuck largest urban operation in Madrid, paralyzed since we can (now Madrid) reached mayor of capital in 2015, which includes construction of 10,500 homes, remodeling of train station Chamartín and a great business center.

De la Serna explained that yesterday was recorded documentation to begin process of project with a document that seeks to give a green light to this urban transformation, so that in July will proceed to initial approval and at end of year to complete its TR Amita.

The project is a modification of principle of agreement reached last July, although with relevant changes like reduction of Buildability 6%, going from 2,830,000 of square meters to 2,660,000. Compared to 3.37 square meters of 2015 project, when Ana Botella was in front of consistory, cut exceeds 26%.

Building cut

With this new plan, called New North Madrid, process begins to approve a timely modification of General plan. The reduction of buildingability is dealt in a decrease of 4.5% for residential areas and 6.8% for non-residential as offices or businesses, which means lowering up to 10,510 final number of households, compared to 11,000 projected in July and The 18,500 houses of plan of 2015. The thick, 7,910 homes, will be located north of M-30, while anor 2,600 will be south, in business district environment.

20% of se households will be officially protected housing (2,100 homes), twice as much as norm, and city that governs Manuela Carmena has already announced that it will allocate to social housing assignment of use that corresponds.

The Minister, who participated in informative breakfasts of Europa Press, explained that operation has been developed in four areas, instead of five initials raised in July 2017 when a consensus was reached to develop project, and that It consists of construction of a business center in area, reform of station and urban development in surroundings of Fuencarral-Las Tablas and Fuencarral-Tres Olivos.

He added that agreement sealed yesterday "is a very important step" for city of Madrid, for community of Madrid and for whole country with registration of beginning of procedure to modify PGOU with a document "closed" and agreed that has been worked in a manner "Intense and discreet" between all parties involved.

Moreover, De La Serna has emphasized that this step has a "historical transcendence" for capital and for whole country because it is an initiative that is going to be a "tractor element" of economic development. "Madrid cannot miss this opportunity," Minister of Development has emphasized to place political groups present in municipal plenary to support this consensus reached between administrations involved in urban development for this area of Centre of Madrid.


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