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The government launches its aid plan to rent or buy housing, can you ask for any?

Keys to the new state Housing plan 2018-2021 approved by the government

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The government launches its aid plan to rent or buy housing, can you ask for any?

The government has approved this Friday in Council of Ministers new State housing Plan for period 2018-2021 with two major ways of action: aid to rent and purchase of housing. Each of m has different characteristics, although some requirements such as income threshold are maintained in all cases, except exceptions. These are requirements to be fulfilled in order to be able to access state aid to housing.

Annual Income Limit

The income limit is same for all types of help, wher subsidies to purchase or rent. There are only exceptions for large family cases and people with disabilities, as we will see later. For remainder, maximum annual income of beneficiaries is fixed at 22,365.42 euros, that is to say, three times public indicator of income of multiple effects (IPREM), by "family unit" or "unit of coexistence". Applicants will not be able to own anor house.

In addition, in cases of over 65 years, applicant may not have a patrimony of 100.000 euros or more. For those affected by evictions, in addition to meeting requirement of income that does not exceed three times IPREM, can not have availability of anor house.

Exceptions to maximum income

There are some cases that contemplate new state housing Plan in which limit of annual income of potential beneficiaries is increased. In particular, a progressive criterion is incorporated which sets maximum annual income of four times IPREM (30,078.36 euros) in cases of large family general or people with disabilities and up to five times (37,597.95 euros) in cases of large family Special or with a member with a more serious disability, such as cerebral palsy, people with mental illness, intellectual disability, physical, sensory or developmental disability or a recognized degree of disability of at least 33%.

Rent help for children under 35 years old

Young people between ages of 18 and 35 can access up to 50% of rent. Among requirements to be a beneficiary is annual income limit we have seen before. In addition, monthly accommodation will not exceed 600 euros, although in justified cases this limit will be 900 euros. Something that, as Minister of Development, Íñigo de la Serna has said, will not be difficult to prove in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona or Ibiza, where market prices are largely located above 600 euro barrier. In addition, beneficiary will not be able to own a home in Spain and rented one must be his habitual residence during period of assistance (can be up to three years).

Help with renting over 65 years old

The government will also subsidize up to 50% of rent to those over 65 who meet requirements of program. The maximum of an annual income of 22,365.42 euros is repeated. In addition, y will not be able to have housing in property or a patrimony more than 100,000 euros. They are also included as a limit to monthly rental of 600 euros per general rule, although expandable to 900 in justified cases (in cities where price of rental market exceeds this threshold).

Rent help between 35 and 65 years

This assistance is focused on citizens with economic difficulties. In this case, unit of coexistence of beneficiary must have income of less than three times IPREM (22,365.42 euros), except in cases of large family general or with a member with disabled. In se cases state will subsidize up to 40% of rent (in previous plan limit was 200 euros per month, in this can be up to 330 euros per month). It is also included here that rent must be at a maximum of 600 euros per general rule or 900 in justified cases.

Subsidy of section of 601 to 900 euros of rent

The previous aid, in cases where maximum monthly rent is extended to 900 euros in certain municipalities with a more expensive market price, subsidy of 50% or 40% will not be maintained, as case may be. That percentage will only apply to first 600 euros. For remaining 300, aid will be up to 30%. Thus, maximum amount of rent aid will be 390 euros (for children under 35 and over 65) and 330 euros for citizens with economic difficulties.

Help evicted from your usual home

The state housing Plan also contains assistance for those affected by evictions. In se cases, state (80%) and Autonomous Communities (20%) will assume payment of rent, which may amount to 400 euros per month, for a period of three years (so far was two). In this way, minimum is deleted, which was marked at 150 euros. Also, vulnerable groups may opt for vacant and available housing of Sareb or financial institutions to inhabit m under rental, with a maximum price of 400 euros per month (with aforementioned aid).

Aid to purchase of housing for under 35 years

The government has re-included in state housing Plan a purchase aid, albeit with less impact than expected by restrictive requirements. The aid will be 20% of purchase price of property, with a maximum of 10,800 euros. The beneficiaries will have to be under 35 years, have a lower income of 22,365.42 euros and that price of house does not exceed 100,000 euros. In addition, House must be located in a municipality of less than 5,000 inhabitants, with intention of avoiding depopulation of rural areas, as explained from Fomento.

In Spain re are 6,353 municipalities that meet requirements, as quantified by ministry. In se localities, 8.71% of young people live (821,974 of 9,450,000), according to ir calculations, majority in Aragón, Castilla y León, Castilla-La Mancha, Extremadura, La Rioja and Navarra, although latter does not participate in state housing plans.

Communities, obliged to pay a part

Anor of substantial changes in new housing plan is compulsory co-financing between State and Autonomous Communities. So far, it was optional and could give or not a complementary part. With this new programme, cofinancing is required, and communities are intended to commit mselves from outset. The objective is that of every 100 euros in aid, State contributes 70 and communities, 30. But to get to those 100 euros, re are requirements. Of first 70 euros, communities must contribute 10. Only thus remaining 30 are added, of which State contributes anor 10 and autonomy, 20. In total, a 70-30 cast. "This will only apply in 2019, 2020 and 2021 exercises because for this year y already have budgets," nuanced sources of development. In period 2013-2017 did not contribute this complement Baleares, Madrid, Extremadura and autonomous city of Ceuta. In addition, with new plan autonomy is obliged to detail part of amount that subsidizes state.

Entry into force

In order for it to enter into force, collaboration agreements must be signed with each regional administration for its implementation. Next March 15th, a sectoral conference will be held with communities to set up fund-sharing. Then communities will sign se agreements with encouragement to start plan. The Ministry envisages a maximum period of two months after sectoral conference for plan to enter into force. In addition, aid shall be retroactive to 1 January 2018.

How to apply for AIDS

The application of se subsidies depends on each autonomous community, since each one establishes its own regulations. Therefore, each housing Ministry of Autonomy will be organism to be applied for.

Plan cost

The ministry has quantified plan in 1.443 billion of euros in total, 62.46% more than previous plan (2013-2016), according to figures of government. Will be 350 million euros in 2018, 357 million in 2019, 364 million in 2020 and 372 million in 2021.


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