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The government maintains in 1 billion the reprivatization of highways despite increased traffic

Promotion reduced to 1.8 billion the cost of the bailout but does not raise the amount of its repayment despite the recovery of these routes

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The government maintains in 1 billion the reprivatization of highways despite increased traffic

The government has reduced to 1.8 billion euros cost of rescue of nine freeways of bankruptcy that is undergoing this year, according to update of stability Plan sent to Brussels. This estimate represents a 10% decline compared to that of 2 billion made in previous plan, referred last fall.

But it draws more attention that executive maintains in document sent this Monday to Brussels 1 billion euros that it trusts to obtain with rebidding of motorways, to return to cede its exploitation to private companies, envisaged in second half of This year.

This figure is same as that contained in previous plan, despite strong increase in traffic that has experienced roads rescued in 2017, and official forecasts that suggest that this trend will continue in coming years. Higher toll revenues would point to a revaluation of those assets that has not been transferred to plan referred to Brussels

Indeed, nine toll highways that are in process of being rescued by Ministry of Public Works closed 2017 with an average increase in traffic of 8%, which stood at about 7,553 vehicles per day, according to development statistics. The growth of se roads almost doubled to 4.6% that was scored whole of network of payment of country, of 2,550 kilometers of length.

The highways whose concessionaires broke, which have a fifth (20%) of total, consolidate recovery of traffic that has been recorded in last four years.

In addition to collection resulting from tender, state expects to enter 34.4 million euros, which is joint benefit expected to obtain rescued in this year once y pass public ownership through State Society of Terrestrial infrastructures (SEITTSA), and before y are privatized again.

Rescue cost

The cost that rescue implies to state corresponds to payment of so-called patrimonial responsibility of Administration (RPA). It is a concept collected in concession contracts for se assumptions by which companies currently concessionaires of routes are to be paid for investment y made in ir construction and that y had not recovered by means of toll collection.

The executive lowers this bill in both employers of large construction companies and concessionaires and credit funds of highways calculate that this RPA amounts to between 4,000 and 4.5 billion euros, so it is foreseeable that matter ends in courts.

The government must calculate and pay RPA of each of nine motorways in six months following resolution of each of its current concession contracts. While working on rescinding se contracts, executive is assuming means to keep m in service for users.

Since last February, Ministry of Development, through Seittsa, has already made six of se routes. Of three that remain to be rescued, department that directs Íñigo de la Serna will take two or radios of Madrid, R-3 and R-5, on May 10, and AP-41 Madrid-Toledo When judge dictates his liquidation.

The next step of plan designed by Fomento will be drawn back to competition next June. The tracks will be tendered in two lots, one with all located in Madrid and surroundings, and or with two of Levante ( Ring of Alicante and Cartagena-Vera).

These nine infrastructures comprise almost one-fifth (570 kilometers) of total of payment motorway network. Its construction meant an investment of 7 billion and total debt of 3.2 billion.


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