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The government promises to Brussels a labor reform to tackle temporality

Offers to discourage temporary recruitment, a contract with increasing protection and limit the use of eventualities in collective bargaining

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The government promises to Brussels a labor reform to tackle temporality

The government has sent a list of "measures to promote indefinite recruitment" to Brussels. These initiatives are still being negotiated with unions and employers. And n y would have to be agreed with parties in Congress. However, executive has already advanced an outline to European authorities, who have repeatedly asked to shortcut this problem. Despite recovery of labor market, number of temporary contracts reaches record heights. In last active population survey, 73% of new employees were temporary. Even large companies increase recruitment to temporary coup, as inferred from data from Bank of Spain.

As reflected in document sent to European Commission, package of measures to try to tackle temporality consists of four pillars. The first is based on reduction of three contract modalities: an indefinite one; Anor for training and a growing protection contract to replace temporary ones. The latter is inspired by single contract and was already collected in program that subscribed PP and citizens.

The reasons why it can be temporarily contracted are flexibilized. But in exchange you can only be three years so hired as maximum. In first one is dismissed with 12 days per year; In second, with 16 days, and in third with 20. The ory in which it is supported is that rights are acquired little by little, and that allows worker to gain fixed position in company as he gains in productivity. However, not everybody thinks alike. So government will have to circumvent many pitfalls for its approval. This proposal will be amended in negotiations that Ministry of Employment maintains with social agents until December. And for time being, PSOE has shown itself to be very critical of this formula.

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The second pillar consists of "reinforcing principle of causality in temporary recruitment within framework of collective bargaining and determining volume of contracts of a given duration". This implies that companies and workers in ir negotiations could control and specify conditions in which temporary use is made.

Within this chapter, it will also promote indefinite recruitment and transformation of temporary contracts into indefinite, says executive. According to Eurostat data, less than one in ten temporary workers went on to have an indefinite contract in 2016.

Thirdly, it will try to establish a scheme of disincentives that penalize contributions of companies that abuse temporary recruitment and present an excessive rotation of ir workforce. It is what in slang is known as malus. To determine degree of abuse, it will be compared to average in sector. A new incentive or bonus will also be set in quotes of those companies that have a higher ratio of indefinite contracts compared to average of ir sector. This measure could be of PSOE's taste, but it could have opposition of companies once it enters detail.

Finally, document points out to Brussels that Labour Inspectorate will be strengned and that penalties for fraud in recruitment will be increased.

2 billion for rescue of motorways

The government estimates in "more than 2 billion euros" invoice for rescue of nine freeways of broken tolls, which will be formalized next January to return to competition by giving back ir exploitation to private companies, as stated in plan Budget that has just been sent to Brussels.

This is amount that executive will reserve in extended budget of exercise 2018 to address patrimonial responsibility of Administration (RPA) to current concessionaires.


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