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The Government proposes to Emma Navarro for the vacancy in the vice-presidency of the EIB

The executive wants the current secretary of State of the Treasury to replace Román Escolano

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The Government proposes to Emma Navarro for the vacancy in the vice-presidency of the EIB

The government has proposed that Emma Navarro, current secretary of State of Treasury, replace Román Escolano in vice-presidency of EIB. Escolano lost that seat on Wednesday when he was appointed Minister of economy. In view of its designation, government said that it was confident that Spain could maintain this position at EIB until 2020. Everything indicates that it will be so, although this seat is shared by Spain with Portugal, and Portuguese Government must accept proposal of Emma Navarro to occupy it.

Emma Navarro Aguilera (Alicante, 1973) is a specialist and has experience in matters related to European Union and has been part of collaborating circle of Luis de Guindos. She was director of her cabinet until November 2015, when she was appointed president of official Credit Institute, a position in which she replaced Irene Garrido — also minister's collaborator — and in which she remained only a year. In November 2016, he held secretary of State for Treasury and Financial policy, also under orders of future Vice-president of ECB.

Spain has one of eight vice-presidencies of EIB since it was awarded position of Magdalena Álvarez in 2010. It was supposed to be until 2015. But it resigned in June 2014 before confirmation of its imputation for case of ERE of Andalusia. Then square in Council of EIB did not pass to Portugal, since it occupied it Román Escolano, anor Spaniard. And it was agreed with Portugal to maintain it until 2020. Despite march of Escolano, Spanish government said that agreement with Portugal was until 2020, so re was no problem in naming anor candidate. In any case, EIB's standard stipulates that candidate "shall be appointed by EIB's Board of Governors in accordance with joint proposal of Kingdom of Spain and Republic of Portugal".

The Directorate of EIB, founded in 1958 and based in Luxembourg, is composed of a President and eight Vice-Chairpersons (although re was now a vacant position). They are appointed by Council of Governors — composed of Ministers of Finance of 28 member States — for a six-year term. The president is German Werner Hoyer. The Vice-Presidents, all men, are Italian Dario Scannapieco; The British Jonathan Taylor; The Frenchman Ambroise Fayolle; The Irishman Andrew McDowell; The Slovak Vazil Hudák; The Finn Alexander Stubb; And until Wednesday, Spaniard Román Escolano.

A state economist with a lot of experience

Emma Navarro is a commercial technician and State economist, graduate and master in Community law from San Pablo-CEU University, in addition to having a postgraduate degree in legal and economic studies of EU from Complutense University of Madrid and Sorbonne in Paris. In 2005, recently joined body of commercial technicians and economists of state, he went to work in Ministry of Industry and Tourism. Later, he went through various positions in Ministry of Economy and Finance and in foreign (Deputy Director general for EU Affairs), during governments of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero.

Already with Rajoy in government, in 2012 enters cabinet of Guindos in economics as advisor for European Union affairs. His postgraduate course in this field, his position as advisor of Spanish representation at IMF and his experience in cabinet of economics, which he managed in 2014, give an international profile that fits with EIB and even made him be in pools to occupy Post of Minister of Economy last week, after Mariano Rajoy said he wanted someone to "know European issues."

Combined that last position with a position on board of Directors of Institute of Foreign Trade (ICEX) and ICO, before presiding between November 2015 and November 2016, when it was n appointed Secretary of State for Treasury, Since it gives access to or positions, as Counsellor of Bank of Spain, of CNMV, of FROB, to charges in Deposit Guarantee Fund, European Stability Mechanism (MEDE) or to replace minister in Eurogroup, Ecofin or G-20.

His professional career has a teaching branch as he has been a speaker in various courses on European Communities and policies and has given postgraduate studies in diplomatic school.


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