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The government will give grants to rent to under 35 years

Aid will be limited to those who earn less than 22,365.42 euros per year

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The government will give grants to rent to under 35 years

The new state housing Plan that will approve this Friday Council of Ministers provides assistance to rent for people up to 35 years who earn less than 22,365.42 euros per year (three times IPREM). In se cases, up to 50% of monthly rent will be subsidized in rentals of up to 600 euros, which can amount to 900 in justified cases. "will be based on market prices. In cities such as Madrid, Barcelona or Ibiza re will be no problem with this increase, said Minister of Public Works, Íñigo de la Serna, in presentation of draft in May. The beneficiary will not be able to own a home in Spain and rented one must be his habitual residence during period of aid (may be up to three years).

More information
  • Foreclosures on habitual housing fell by 49.4% in 2017
  • Neir Colau nor Carmena will be able to fulfil ir promises in housing
  • The housing price will rise by 10% in 2018, according to Engel Völkers

The program incorporates exceptions to income threshold for access to aid. It will amount to four times IPREM (30,078.36 euros) in cases of large family and up to five times (37,597.95 euros) in cases of large family with some member with a disability of at least 33%.

This assistance is included in new housing plan for period 2018-2021, which also includes aid to young people for purchase of housing. In particular, it will be subsidized with up to 10,800 euros to acquisition of House that is habitual residence to under 35 years in municipalities of less than 5,000 inhabitants, according to sources of Ministry of Fomentation. It is a modification that aims to avoid depopulation of rural areas, although experts believe that it only has an impact in vicinity of large cities.

The rent aid will also be available for over 65 years, although y may not have a wealth of 100,000 euros or higher. Nor will y be able to earn more than three times IPREM or own a property. "It is positive to encourage rent because in Spain it is still residual compared to or countries in our environment," explains José García Montalvo, professor of economics at Pompeu Fabra University.

Anor of main legs of program is focused on helping those affected by evictions. In se cases, State and Autonomous Communities will assume payment of rent, which may amount to 400 euros for three years. In addition, vulnerable groups may opt for vacant and available housing in Sareb for rental with this financial aid.

The program is complemented with aid to public agencies and private companies for construction of housing destined to rent to increase park of houses for this use. In particular, it will be subsidized with up to 300 euros per square metre of housing with a limit of 40% of investment and of 31,500 euros per house. The requirement will be that tenants have income of up to 4.5 times IPREM (33,838.15 euros) and that maximum price is of seven euros monthly per square metre useful.

There is anor option for se aids. In this case, up to 350 euros per square metre is provided with a limit of 50% of investment and of 36,750 euros per house. These dwellings will be for renters with income of up to three times IPREM (22,365.42 euros) and that rent does not exceed 5.5 euros monthly per square metre. In both cases, housing will be rented for 25 years.


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