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The importance of managing emotions

The best rationality is not the one that denies the emotions, but the one that incorporates them and channels them

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The importance of managing emotions

When Pique broke his voice and his eyes were fogged to explain night of 1-or how proud he felt of being Catalan and what ached treatment that so many peaceful people had received from police, many people must have mourned TV. The feeling is very contagious, and more on a day of high emotional voltage as was 1-O. The image of Barça player crying reflects one of aspects that explain strength that independence movement has achieved in Catalonia: its strong emotional component. Authors like Daniel Innerarity or Manuel Arias Maldonado have addressed in ir works growing sentimentalization of politics. In a society as reactive as ours, in which information and images run at speed of light, emotions tell a lot and do not count on m is cause of many diagnostic errors that later are paid expensive.

The sovereigntists have held it many times: in Catalan conflict lies a feeling of humiliation, of lack of recognition. Many of those who are mobilized live as a contempt that no claims are heeded on lace of Catalonia in Spain that y consider fair. They feel hurt in ir dignity and that shared sentiment reinforces identity bond. The mobilization for a shared cause satisfies feeling of "communion" spoken by French philosopher André Comte-Sponville as a basic need of human being, and in evolutionary terms is need to reinforce group ties to ensure survival.

The problem is that emotions that underpin revolt in Catalonia are generating equally intense feelings and emotions in those who feel interpared. Those who believe that Spain is a cosy country, a democracy that neir oppresses nor persecutes, and that unity that consecrates Constitution is a value to defend, feel hurt by those who want to break it. They're hurt because a lot of Catalans don't feel that way. And now, materialization of challenge in form of rupture also generates feelings of impotence and rage. It is not hard to imagine what emotions seize policemen who, back to hotel after a day to forget, are overwhelmed by citizens who believe y are defending. They also feel rejected and with m many or people who see those images on television. The feeling of rejection is one of most corrosive and is too much present in Spanish politics. That's all re, a fur flower. And while some are preparing to exploit se feelings politically, ors ignore and do, feed m.

Many appeal to need to regain rationality. True. But we must not forget that rationality and emotions are not separate and disjointed entities. Since neuroscientist Antonio Damasio went in search of Spinoza and claimed, in light of scientific evidence, key role of emotions, everything is clear: best rationality is not one that denies emotions, but one that incorporates m and Channels.

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