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The increase in exports to Russia has passed 50 percent

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The increase in exports to Russia has passed 50 percent
AA passed 50 percent increase in exports to Russia Business News date of entry: 16.9.2017 16:22 Updated date: 16.9.2017 17:15 from Turkey during months of this year exports to Russia increased by 8 percent compared to same period last year and reached 1 billion 52,5 million 696 thousand dollars 556

The Russian aircraft for downgrading of mutual relations following crisis with deterioration of exports to Russia rose last year down to bottom levels this year.

The Turkish exporters Assembly (Tim) according to data, exports to Russia last year to 1 billion 3 billion throughout 2015 787,1 679,7 million dollar million dollars were exported. 51,4% of exports % decline in November 2015 in strained relations between two countries, and embargo imposed on some sectors was effective, while diplomatic problems after overcoming drew attention of recovery in figures.

especially in sector by January 2016 to Russia with 95.5 million "in month of January exports lowest in last 10 years" while performing during 8 months of last year, total exports are 1 billion was signed on 880,5 thousand dollar 20 million.

exports to Russia of 2017 January-August period, 1 billion 693,3 million 556 thousand dollars. While this figure point to a gradual recovery from a seasonal standpoint, revealed to 52.5 percent increase on an annual basis.

fastest growing jewellery industry

looking at figures by sector 27 exports to Russia, 8 months of year compared to same period last year, a 24% increase 3 decrease was observed. 99,3 per cent decline in sector, with "yacht and ship" while taking, this percentage 39,2 with "tobacco", with 15 per cent "olives and olive oil" followed.

on or hand, last year's January-August export limited to Russia 4,5 thousand dollars in month of ornamental plants and products sector exports in same period of this year has been 105,9 thousand dollar in Russian market.

excluding ornamental plants and products for a year 8 months of 2016 that is experiencing most rapid increase in terms of percentage compared to same period 207,4 per cent in a sector with "jewel". 2016 in jewelry industry for January-August period, export figures of 6 million in 997,5 thousand dollars this year in same period of 508,7 million 21 thousand dollars.

Jewel % 150,4% with an increase of fresh fruit and vegetable sector, was followed by. Fresh fruit and vegetable sector for 8 months of year when he signed 342,5 thousand dollar 259 million in exports, so " largest exporting sector in Russia" as it was recorded.

numerically most from fresh fruit and vegetables exports to Russia, n sector 689,8 million 200 thousand dollars) chemicals and chemical products", 197 million 413,2 thousand dollars for "automotive industry".

" more positive results to be obtained from fruit and vegetable sector"

on subject of making evaluations of Foreign Economic Relations board (deik) Turkey-Russia Business Council Vice President Jojo Fights, good mutual relations with Russia recently that showed positive progress and steps of disposing on trade he said.

The numbers could be better, but he fights a rapid return towards former export levels by stating that, "We as a business community, we are very pleased about this," he said.

fights, jewelry industry rapid increase in exports to Russia, said:

"This is actually a development that is linked to crisis in Russia. When economic downturn hit luxury consumption sectors of first experiences in Russia. Experienced an improvement in Russian economy, reflected in positive figures. Fruits and vegetables exports to Russia had stopped. Prohibits export boom here although it looks like when old according to figures, very low levels are poor. But here re's good news. The fruit and vegetable sector will be more positive results in coming days. Us to increase our exports to Russia will continue. Will definitely be a lot better and will increase our exports in all sectors."


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