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The internal wars in competition ' empty ' the hardest wing of the controller

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The internal wars in competition ' empty ' the hardest wing of the controller

The area of promotion for competition has drafted reports against taxi

Crisis in Department of Promotion for competition of National Commission of Markets and of competition (CNMC). The hardest wing of regulator, author of reports that support rupture of taxi monopoly and proliferation of collaborative economy that have caused so much stir, has lost in recent weeks to its director, Antonio Maudes, and deputy Director of Economic analysis, Mateo silos, as he has been able to know world.

The departure of both directors is framed in tense situation that institution has experienced during last years by Division in its Council and among its departments. The Division of promotion for competition has been since its creation a combative entity and sometimes annoying for control body and for rest of great addresses that make up regulator: competition, telecommunications, energy and transport.

This area depends exclusively on figure of president, José María Marín quemada. Its role is to promote economic competition in those sectors where re is no and to oversee economic regulation of different public administrations with "efficiency" criteria in use of public resources. This last competition has raised blisters in public sector itself, questioned on numerous occasions by regulator.

Consulted sources link situation to confrontations within regulator, with very disparate views on how to bring forward reports in favour of competition. It is not a matter of content, here we all want competition and good regulation, but of forms employed. "Here we work as a team and following guidelines," says a high office of CNMC. From or side it is remarked that tension is derived from " current circumstances are not appropriate for promotion of competition". Official sources of agency remark that "this area will continue to be enhanced" with replacement of vacancies.

Promotion for competition has been department author of all reports in favor of collaborative economy as a method to break monopolies like taxi. This last issue has resulted in a judicial conflict between Fomento and CNMC by government's refusal to apply instructions given from regulator to boost circulation of Uber and Cabify vehicles. The issue has also resulted in strikes in street and various altercations. The CNMC advocates total opening of licenses of se companies, while in development y have opted to maintain a quota of a VTC license for every 30 taxis.

Maudes ' resignation occurred in early days of September. Commercial technician and state economist and PhD in economics and business, Director of competition promotion since 2011 enjoyed full confidence of president. Marín Quemada protected him when in March of 2016 several advisors of agency requested that it be ceased by its forms. Maudes, however, made decision to leave regulator disappointed by internal environment.

The departure of Maudes was followed last Wednesday by cessation of Mateo silos, until deputy director of economic analysis of regulator. Silos was considered right hand of maudes in area of promotion of competition, where it began to work in year 2014.

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