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The IPhone X Click on sales in Spain

The new ' smartphone ' of Apple is not among the ten most sold mobiles in the Spanish market, although it sweeps in the UK, China and Japan

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The IPhone X Click on sales in Spain

The IPhone X is not having a good reception in Spanish market. The latest mobile Apple star is not even among top ten mobiles sold since it went on sale on November 3, according to sales figures of that month published by specialized consultancy Kantar. The gray data of iphone X in Spain contrast with that of or countries, such as China, Japan and UK, where iphone x is best-selling smartphone model.

On contrary, official landing of Xiaomi in Spain in November had an immediate positive impact and Chinese brand saw its sales share grow to 14% in three months ending in November 2017, positioning itself in third position, below Huawei Q EU remains second and Samsung following as leader. In addition, Xiaomi RedMi 4x was most sold device in Spain in month of November.

The new iphone range (iphone 8, iphone 8 Plus and iphone X) was not enough for Apple to go back and its market share was left in Spain in 12.7% in November compared to 13% a year before, and far below or European countries such as Italy (15.8% quota) , France (22.7%) or UK (43%)

This small impact of IPhone X in Spain is explained by strong competition of brands such as Samsung and Huawei and aforementioned premiere of Xiaomi, whose decision to make ir first European launch in Spain is already giving good dividends. LG has been major disadvantage of success of Xiaomi in Spain, with a decrease of its share of 9.1% a year ago to only 5.3% in last 3 months.

Strength in or markets

The sluggishness of iPhone in Spain contrasts with strength in or markets. In United Kingdom, Apple reached its highest rate in more than three years in month of November, ranking at 49.4% and recovering with ease first position of sales that had removed Samsung. The IPhone X was best selling model in UK in November, with 14.4% of sales, but as it is most expensive smartphone for large market currently available, it remains to be seen how long it can maintain this momentum in its current price of 999 lbs (1,130 euro s), according to Kantar.

The Xiami REDMI 4x was most sold mobile in November.

In United States, iphone X was surpassed by iphone 8 and iphone 8 Plus in month of November, but completed top3 of best selling models of month, easily surpassing star model of Samsung, Galaxy S8, which is in sixth position.

The iphone X was also most sold smartphone in Japan in November, with a share of 18.2%, followed closely by iphone 8 with a share of 17.2%. Meanwhile, in urban China, demand for iphone x has exceeded all expectations: Apple was already gaining ground before launch of iphone x, but demand for latest model in urban China has been staggering considering its price. The IPhone X was best-selling model in urban China in November, with a market share of 6%.

Unlike in Europe and United States, where vast majority of new initial sales of IPhone X come from current smartphone owners of Apple, in urban China re are a considerable number of customers of Huawei, Xiaomi and Samsung that are changing to new models of IPhone, according to consultancy.


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