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The Labour inspectorate requests accounts from the Cadiz carnival groupings

The agency requires up to 4,000 euros to some groups whose components acted at 2017 without registering

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The Labour inspectorate requests accounts from the Cadiz carnival groupings

"And less work and more Carnival", says one of most popular chorus of Cadiz Carnival. However, for work inspection re seems to be no such juxtaposition that made Chirigota famous Yesterday, back in 1999. The agency, dependent on Ministry of Labour, has claimed several of groupings in 2017 edition to make payments, in some cases up to 4,000 euros, for contributions of those components that acted without being discharged.

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The request has arrived in form of a letter to some of 26 groups that arrived to semifinals of official contest of Carnival of Cadiz (COAC) of year 2017, as has progressed this Friday chain ser. Specifically, work inspection has demanded updating of contributions not paid by components of groups that acted in different bowling and galas, after end of February party. Although it has not transcended number of groups affected, request touches mainly Chirigotas and comparsas because y are ones that usually lead hiring in events from different points of country.

In his letter, inspection has made it clear that if group in question receives an economic remuneration for a performance, it is necessary that it has discharged all its components, ranging from 10 to 14 members, at time event is held. It is just what Comparsa de Ángel Subiela has done in 2017 under name of acrobats. His group is one of those who came to semi-finals that edition and received work inspection letter. "It was clear that it was something that had to come. It should be appreciated that, in any case, we have received a warning first, "admits Subiela.

His comparsa will now justify highs of those components work inspection asks him, in an investigation that he has done "based on posters and messaging that is made to promote se galas, as explained Subiela. From Ministry of Labour y have avoided providing more information on scope of se requirements by claiming that y are processes that are still open. However, sources close to Ministry recognize that such inquiries often start from a prior anonymous complaint. A suspicion that Subiela himself corroborates: "This is promoted by people from within carnival itself."

of entry, request for inspection complicates performance of those components that are collecting a retirement pension, since it is incompatible with being discharged for work. It also requires interruption of unemployment benefits to members of unemployed group. This makes groups like Subiela try to rush to maximum days that are discharged and usually coincide on weekends, which is when y usually act.

The measure is part of gradual professionalism experienced by festival. Already in 2014 city Council demanded all groups that competed in COAC to have a tax identification code (CIF) to be able to issue invoices. That made majority constituted as associations. With this new step, it establishes anor obligation that Miguel Villanueva, president of Association of Authors of carnival, fears that "it can bore many people".

"It is a disproportionate action because it can give impression that components live on this, when it is not. It is only a hobby that is made by taste, "emphasizes president. Therefore, Villanueva asks that creation "of a new heading for this type of folkloric groups that are not artists as such be considered".


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