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The large business 'hunters of heritages'

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The large business 'hunters of heritages'

The law offices specialized in location of heirs reviewed thoroughly family tree of potential customers

They have come to treat cases of inheritance of 1830

it All begins with a letter or a phone call. The law firm, on or side of line, communicates to an individual a story almost unbelievable: it is single heir of a fortune of an ancestor unknown. At that time, who gets call becomes a possible client of entity, sender, and without time to digest you may get a large inheritance.

Although at times it is family which lays claim to inheritance, are thousands of individuals unaware y have a family member who has left m his fortune.

And for that you do not lose a single euro re are entities that help to that se cases come to light, as is case of a Group Inherits, dedicated to integral management of inheritances. When one of lawyers of institution is placed in contact with client, first reaction is distrust.

"Some are older people who do not want to get into trouble and ors simply do not believe it, although in most cases y end up trusting," says one of managers. These individuals have been baptized as a 'cazaherederos', as y get a commission, which can typically reach 30% of what we inherit finally customer. Even so, Group Inherits is defined as "a group of lawyers and genealogists who investigate who are legal heirs of each individual to be able to acknowledging heritage that is irs".

"Normally, inheritances are usually around 100,000 euros, while lowest stood at around euro 50,000 and ors come to exceed 200,000 euros, always including real estate, in addition to liquid cash", y said.

The funny thing is that in Spain re remain thousands of unsolved cases. This factor, in addition to lack of competition in market, makes it a business power. "In Spain, re are millions of euros that are not processed, so that is a lot of work", assure.

The Inheritance tax

But all is not as easy as it seems. Not only distrust is soaking of unbelief to client when he receives news. Many of potential heirs will not opt for to acquire what is due to m, simply because y can afford inheritance. The fundamental reason: Inheritance Tax.

The decentralization that presents Spain means that tax burden varies from one autonomous community to anor, which results in an inequality remarkable in Inheritance Tax. In Andalusia, a single of 30 years old who inherits 800,000 euros of his far -of which 200,000 euros correspond to dwelling of deceased - should pay a higher tax to 160,000 euros. If individual was pleased to dwell in Madrid, would have to pay less than 200 euros, according to examples developed by General Council of Economists.

Also, once client has assimilated and accepted what cazaherencias you have been offered, investigation begins. According to Group Inherits, his task consists in construction of a genealogical tree and, once found, heir, is called to give news that you will get fortune, from money liquid until all types of real estate. "Have genealogists gives us advantage of go back centuries back in family tree. is The deceased's oldest that we have treated inheritance was of 1830", say.

In all this first process, entity does not charge anything. But re are specific cases in which situation lends itself to that that's not possible. Sometimes, 'cazaherencias' is that in process of search and research have to travel abroad for place of residence of deceased. In that case, company subtracts costs of travel to inheritance, which can cause complications in procedure. "There have been cases in which we have had to travel to countries of Europe, and client has decided to abandon for costs of process", says one of managers.

In entity to ensure that despite difficulties that may occur in process of work, almost 100% of customers are full of confidence and just getting results, even overseas, but what really keeps this business alive is that re remain innumerable inheritances without resolve.


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