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The largest sewage treatment plant of Africa in Spanish hands

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The largest sewage treatment plant of Africa in Spanish hands

The agreement involves design, construction and operation of water treatment plant in Abu Rawash, 50 km from Cairo.

The subsidiary of FCC currently operates in 22 countries

Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas (FCC), group controlled by Carlos Slim, has signed this Wednesday with egyptian Government on construction and operation of largest sewage treatment plant on african continent, located on outskirts of Cairo, have been reported to THE WORLD sources close to agreement.

The contract has been signed by prime minister Sherif Ismail at headquarters of his cabinet, a few metres away from iconic Tahrir square in Cairo. The event was attended by, in addition, minister of Housing and Urban Development Mustafa Madbuli as well as representatives of Aqualia, a subsidiary of FCC specialist in integral management of water, and egyptian Orascom with one that integrates fifty percent of consortium that was awarded project in 2015.

agreement provided for The design, construction and operation of water treatment plant Abu Rawash, about 50 km from Cairo. After completion of works, plant will provide service to six million people and treated to a daily 1.6 million cubic metres. "Abu Rawash is a special challenge due to ir volume. It is largest wastewater treatment plant designed, built and operated by Aqualia so far and will be one of largest treatment plants of world and largest in Africa," explained to this newspaper in 2015 Luis de Lope, director international of company.

The delicate economic situation that crosses most populous country in arab world has been forced to modify some of conditions of contract. The award announcement estimated project would generate a portfolio of 2,400 million euros for two decades. According to data provided Wednesday by egyptian Government, project will bring to consortium chosen to 1,800 million egyptian pounds, and 217 million dollars. In total, about $ 320 million in three-year period.

"this Is one of national projects more important" - has underlined minister of Housing and Urban Development at a press conference after signing. The agreement includes 37 months of construction and subsequently three years of operation and maintenance. In reality, installation of state-owned property already exists, but will undergo a complete renovation with funding from African Development Bank to equip plant treatment units, primary and secondary wastewater," he explained Orascom in a statement.

Its construction will mitigate use of potable water and contribute to reducing pollution in a desert country that has an extreme dependence on Nile. Thus, water is already treated to be used for irrigation of parks and gardens and street cleaning. "It is an honor to work again with our partner FCC Aqualia, which demonstrates our successful and lasting relationship", it has emphasized president of Orascom Construction Osama Bishai.

With this signature, Aqualia adds his third project to which you already have in land of pharaohs. In 2016, was awarded construction of a desalination plant in El Alamein, on mediterranean coast, by 114,6 million euros and in 2010 design, construction and exploitation during 20 years of municipal wastewater treatment plant in New Cairo, a residential town on outskirts of megalopolis, egyptian.

"Our prior experience in project of New Cairo has helped us to verify that water issue is a matter of State that has endured regardless of established government," said Lope to this journal. The sewage treatment plant, awarded by several institutions and agencies outside of Egypt, used to half a hundred local workers and has operated without a break in spite of political turmoil of past few years.

At present, subsidiary of FCC providing service in 1,100 municipalities in 22 countries: Spain, Italy, Portugal, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Montenegro, Bosnia, Mexico, Chile, Uruguay, Algeria, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Kosovo, Tunisia, Qatar, India, Colombia, and Ecuador. The turnover last year 1,010 million euros, and reached a portfolio of close to 15,000 million euros.


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