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The madness of the Bitcoin: the virtual currency reaches $15,000

Criptomoneda prices have climbed by 40% in just one week. In a few hours it has come to revalue almost 10%

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The madness of the Bitcoin: the virtual currency reaches $15,000

The bitcoin doesn't find a roof. The most popular Criptomoneda of market lives an unprecedented climb: in a week has risen more than 40% has played for first time 15,000 dollars. Neir warnings of possible formation of a bubble, ft of virtual currencies by hackers or its extreme volatility seem to discourage investors. Since September it beats a record every few years. But this week madness has accelerated. Only morning of this Thursday has come to revalue 10% in a few hours.

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The bitcoin is a virtual currency that was only worth a few cents seven years ago, which rests on an equal payment system (P2P) through a technology called "chain of Blocks" (blockchain). It has no legal course and is not governed by a central bank or a government, but by a large international community and is accepted in a growing number of transactions (restaurants, real estate, etc). And according to platform that is consulted, price registers slight variations. According to Bloomberg's data, which AFP agency collects, at 10.05 hours today, its price has come to play 15,075 dollars. Market Insider points out that its maximum price before 12 noon became $15,156

The Bitcoin bull race has been fuelling debate over formation of a possible bubble in criptomonedas for months. "The price of bitcoin is close to zero," he said a few days ago in country Kenneth Rogoff, former chief economist of IMF. "It's sheer speculation," said last September, Jamie Dimon, president of JPMorgan Chase and most powerful banker on Wall Street. Warren Buffett, most reputed investor in stock market, also warned that we are facing a bubble that is about to burst. But no or asset of any or kind has been revalued so much in last 12 months.

The Fever by Bitcoin, a currency that was born in 2009 after financial crash and is based on its decentralized structure and escapes control of any regulator, exceeds all forecasts.

It is coined with an open source program where anyone can edit software. To get bitcoins you have to solve a number of numerical problems. And like gold, it was designed as a scarce commodity: re are only 21 million. Hence when demand rises, price will be shot. Still, it is not only Critomoneda: Before fervor for this currency, ors have been created, which are also quoted, as Ereum.

Stock regulators have warned about risks involved in using this currency or products linked to m as an investment. In Spain, National Securities Markets Commission (CNMV) joined in November warning of European Stock Supervisor (ESMA) about risks of so-called "initial offers of coins or tokens" (known as ICOs or initial Coin offerings). These emissions are presented as a new way to capture public funds using Criptomonedas or tokens (vouchers or coupons). In face of proliferation in some countries of this kind of operations, Esma believes that investors are not aware of " high risk y would be assuming to participate." In addition, supervisor expresses his "concern" about possibility that entities that promote or participate in ICOs "are not complying with European legislation".


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