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The market God as Judge of the good policy

Not everything goes because the economic results are good or everything is bad because the economy does not go well

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The market God as Judge of the good policy

An Italian funeral Home is revolutionizing transalpine country with a groundbreaking publicity. The company is called Taffo. No "The green Break", " Sun that gets slowly" or "peace, birds and classical music". Taffo is a surname, yes, but in Greek tafos means... tomb. The funeral home, which is alive — with forgiveness — since 1940 has specialized in this part of time to use humor and dual language in ir commercials: recognizes that Rome is old but never dies, uses tunnels of Italian capital to show how sloppy it is CA Varse The pit one alone, ask tired drivers to stop and cast a head "because it is better to rest in car than with us" and encourages people not to get vaccinated because, insures with image of numerous coffins, "we are prepared." One of his announcements is of a raging political moment in a country on brink of umpteenth electoral call. "Italians, we wait for you at polls," he says as you sample a collection of urns... funeral homes, of course.

These are apparently only ballot boxes in European democracies whose outcome will be unappealable. That is, for example, Günr Oettinger, European Commissioner for financial programming and budgets, who, in face of terrible stock and risk premium that is causing institutional mess in which Italy has entered, has pointed out that markets will "teach Italians not to vote populists. " In or words, se things go through not asking what "markets" will say before putting ballot in ballot box and not, for example, if candidate is incompetent. There are those who have pointed to German origin of Oettinger to accuse him of well-known air of superiority of Teutonic politicians with respect to Mediterranean. A cliché that, as everyone knows, is not true? But he has more unnoticed his appeal to market as a supreme judge when it comes to determining what is good for a country.

It is a mantra constantly repeated everywhere as a definitive argument. In Spain, for example, Mariano Rajoy seizes " confidence of markets" to dispatch same and in a stroke judicial sentences, his curious management of territorial crisis in Catalonia or horse trading of market with Basque nationalists to vote for him Budgets. And opinion of "markets" is test of cotton for candidates to govern any country.

It is curious, because according to predominant historical vision, Enlightenment, among or things, liberated man from millenary religion to exercise his political freedom by referring to human being himself. Listen, it has only taken 200 years to put an immaterial concept as supreme arbiter. Before you had to listen to Mass in Paris to be crowned, and it turns out that now important thing is to go through Davos. Anyone who thinks that Holy Trinity is complicated to try to describe a Credit Linked Note. And, of course, God is more merciful than Wall Street.

Voters have an obligation to choose and right to make a mistake. Economic well-being weighs, sometimes much, in its decision, but "markets" are not Sibillini books of Democracies. We, when it is, see at polls.

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