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The Martyrdom of Guta

The ceasefire decreed by the UN in the punished Syrian region has not been respected

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The Martyrdom of Guta

The Syrian region of eastern Guta, close to Damascus, is scene for almost two weeks of a violent offensive before which ceasefire commitments reached between parties and international humanitarian appeals have not been served at all.

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According to Syrian Observatory of Human Rights, since last 25 February, when a 30-day ceasefire decreed by United Nations Security Council had to enter into force, more than 890 people have been killed, of which some 190 are children. They are victims of a massive attack launched by dictator's troops Bashar al-Assad to recover area from hands of various rebel forces.

Previously, localities of area had been subjected to indiscriminate bombardments against civilian population for which both aviation and field artillery forces were used.

The level of destruction and death reached such an extent that UN forced a ceasefire, among or things to allow humanitarian aid to enter a civilian population trapped in midst of destruction. For his part, Russian President Vladimir Putin, protector of El Asad, guaranteed a daily cessation of hostilities of five hours. Neir of two truces has been respected one day.

After several years of war in Syria — and what is already largest exodus of 21st century — number of inhabitants of eastern Guta is not even clear. International organizations handle figures ranging from 163,000 to 400,000 people. However, in se almost 15 days, only one joint convoy of UN, Intentional committee of Red Cross (CIRC) and Syrian Crescent has managed to reach area. It has just transported food for 27,500 of fences.

As Syrian dictatorship continues to slaughter its civilian population, international community offers only good words.

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