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The most inhuman Trump

The threat of deportation to 200,000 Salvadoran refugees is unacceptable

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The most inhuman Trump

Donald Trump's decision to withdraw temporary protection status of 200,000 Salvadorans living in U.S. constitutes a serious aggression against rights of hundreds of thousands of people, who were received at time in a state of extreme need, to Time that opens door to one of largest and most shameful mass deportations in North American country.

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The temporary protection program was created in 1990 to grant extraordinary visas to citizens affected by wars or natural disasters, that is, people whose life was in real danger. The status of Protection has an individual character and is granted on a case-by-event basis: It was recognised at time by US authorities of refugees who are now simply and plainly told that Washington has changed its mind. That is certainly not a way of gaining respect of international community where fulfillment of commitments acquired is cornerstone of relations between countries, something that Trump apparently does not understand.

As unfortunately has been happening since Trump broke into White House — for example, with controversial veto on immigration — decision has numerous derivatives that threaten to extend tragedy to Americans mselves. There are thousands of US citizens — a very important percentage of minors — born of Salvadorans who are in temporary protection status that y can see in September 2019 how ir parents are deported. The same goes for married Americans with Salvadorans, who risk expulsion of ir partners.

Trump has already acted previously with same unacceptable inhumanity against Haitians and Nicaraguans. But magnitude of affected in case of El Salvador requires a prompt rectification of White House.

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