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The National Digital Council soon chaired by a woman

The name of Marie Ekeland, founder of a venture capital fund, circulates insistence.

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The National Digital Council soon chaired by a woman
Where does national digital Council go? This advisory commission created by Nicolas Sarkozy and supposed to enlighten state's choices on all issues relating to digital has no longer president since January, after resignation of Mounir Macedo, party join campaign team by Emmanuel Macron. A vacation lined with a long silence, which worries members of his college. We are still waiting for a decree defining new functioning of Council. I am first to regret this lack of information, says Guy Mamou-Mani, vice president of CNNum, to whom Mr. Macedo had promised this summer news under "Ten Days".

Until n discreet about future of CNNum, Mr. Macedo planned to come to an end to suspense in coming days. "We had a lot of emergencies to manage." We had to rethink role of Council, Secretary of State for Digital. First of all, re is no question of deleting this instance, which has in particular produced an opinion against file TES, mega-file bringing toger personal data of 60 million citizens or who defends "encryption" at time when government multiplies Security texts. "Now that we have a more digital government than before, we need an even more strategic council, which will identify each year one to two subjects to deal with in long term, enabling State to have a time ahead," Secretary of State , which takes for example "blockchain", a technology for storing information decentralized, or artificial intelligence.

The CNNum, which has about thirty members of civil society and ten elected officials in an independent college, will be remodelled at margin. We want to reinvent place of elect, who were not informed of Council's work. They must be closer without questioning independence of this body, says Mr. Macedo.

This is tricky question of casting. Part of Council will be renewed. More thorny problem, appointment of President, a position for which Office of Secretary of State has received to date a dozen applications, including that of Mr Mamou-Mani. "Three months ago, I showed up." The CNNum is of great use, while we will be addressing a very important year in France, says vice president.

No change in way president is appointed

Anor pretender, Philippe Rodriguez, head of Avolta Partners, a small business bank specializing in digital. This former support from François Fillon has published tribunes suggesting reforms to be made to CNNum, which must no longer be a "thing". The CNNum should not be an annex to State Secretariat. It must revert to fundamentals, dealing with topics related to technology, business or having discussions on financing of ecosystems, "defends candidate, thus challenging societal turn taken by Council."

Las, Mounir Macedo will disappoint m. His choice is made. "It will be a woman," he announces, hoping to confirm identity of chosen one in coming days. The name of Marie Ekeland has been circulating with insistence for several weeks. The founder of Daphni, a digital venture capital fund, already sits in College of CNNum. A sign of her involvement, it was she who last week went to Tallinn Digital summit in Estonia to present digital squads, a European initiative of various digital councils that planned to pool ir reflections and To defend m toger in Brussels.

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By appointing himself master of ceremonies of Council, Mr. Macedo waived change in manner of appointment of President, as he had mentioned in recent weeks, suggesting that this prerogative be left to college. Ironically, current CNNum has scheduled this Friday, on occasion of its next plenary, to vote for its next president.


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