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The new law of the PSOE

Spanish socialists need a country project, not internal rematches

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The new law of the PSOE

Less than a year and a half of upcoming municipal and autonomous elections, PSOE proposes to provide rules that reinforce federal leadership against regional and local structures. The change is part of a broader reform which, in general terms, gives more decision-making power to militants, who will decide heads of list by means of primaries and only ones who, with ir vote, will be able to put and remove Secretary-General. It is thus subtracted from intermediate structures of party (like federations and Federal Committee) and is committed to a greater direct participation to detriment of mechanisms of representative democracy. These are changes that can undermine difficult balance between action effectiveness and internal participation; Between a closed structure to its militants and a more open to its voters, who are at last ones that determine its power and its capacity of financing.

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The PSOE, like most European social-democratic parties, suffers an existential crisis. The French Socialists have virtually disappeared from political map and German SPD is debating among successful negotiations of ir leaders to form great coalition and some bases that can disrupt whole strategy and plunge country (and Europe) into a crisis Major policy. To identify more democracy with direct participation of bases, to abuse, above all, of consultations, can lead parties to a paralysis that impact in governability of a country. This is maximum fear raised by new rules of PSOE, contradictory, in addition, with its multinational and federal vocation.

The internal regulations of parties are not, in any case, what worries most about moment of PSOE. The important thing is that Spanish Socialists are able to enrich debate with proposals that appeal to electorate. Spanish society has long seen in PSOE a ankylosed party in past, locked in its electoral interests and eroded by its internal disputes. But Metroscopia's latest poll throws an even more alarming result: Only 39% of Socialist voters believe that ir party has a future project for Spain. 43% of its voters even perceive vision of citizens more clearly. In short, PSOE simply does not count: neir as an alternative of government nor as opposition.

The task of PSOE to recover ir credit is Titanic. All your energies and your imagination should be concentrated in that work. However, its new standards inevitably arouse suspicion that National Directorate reacts against regional leaders and structures that once distracted ir secretary general and part of apparatus that supported him. Fleeing internal confrontation, attracting new talents, being more inclusive, and revitalizing party should impose on internal rematches that only furr undermine voice of Socialists. The ultimate goal requires anor way to do politics and to generate leadership around a country's coming social democratic project.

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