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The PP organizes its own autopsy

The little participation of traumatic primaries delegitimizes the future leader.

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The PP organizes its own autopsy

Neir popular nor party, PP has embarked on a strange path of self-destruction that exposes it as a spectral phenomenon to trauma of primaries. The best example comes from its ghostly mass of affiliates. Both presumed María Dolores de Cospedal of musculature peper-almost 800,000 militants-that data of inscribed to electoral process discounted with embarrassment precariousness of attachment to direction of party.

The PP looked like a size that it did not have, similar to a set of mirrors and a spectacle of illusionism. More than an enthusiastic and involved militancy, PP had a clientele network, to extent that number of registered to primaries-66,000 people-equals almost numbers of candidates for last municipal elections (62,000).

It is context in which candidate García Hernández, aka Joserra, warned of danger of ridicule. And ridiculous would be to proclaim helmsman of PP to a leader chosen among 7.6% of affiliates. Because it would lack legitimacy. And because it would show symptomatic apathy and precursor of bump in upcoming election appointments. If future of PP does not interest at all to its own grey, less can still concern or summon voters deprived of card. That was eight million in 2016 and could be recycled into or more enthusiastic options of center right (citizens) and center left (PSOE).

are being primary of PP a clumsy and counterproductive exercise of plebiscitaria culture. There is no democracy if re is no participation. Nor is re plurality when proliferation of options does not represent both an exhibition of fertility and an expression of fragility. Six weak candidates do not constitute a strong party, even less so when epidemic of candidacies has been improvised and hasty response to frightened one of Núñez Feijóo.

The president of Xunta had been implicitly anointed as a successor. And he seemed to be custodian of a bloodless process that brought novelty of a strange leader to Genoa, with Progres and recognizable traits in superstition of victory. A perfect dolphin that would have provided Rajoy opportunity to leave in peace, if not for exile of Santa Pola has become allegory of an abandoned and love party.

In absence of patriarch, Marianist offspring has been unable to reconcile. It has not been able to cope with culture of primaries, as if it were a hostile habitat. And even exposure of worst brawls has prevailed. None as explicit as one that Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría and María Dolores de Cospedal have proposed to aerate from neutralizing and paralyzing antagonism. Neir Char nor seagull. The logo of PP is head of jellyfish.

And campaign has not mobilized. He's demobilized. Worse still, it has become an autopsy open to public as lesson of anatomy of Rembrandt. Like viewers of painting, we attended dissection of corpse. And we perceive stench of a party that has conspired against itself when it had opportunity to rebuild itself.

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