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The PP Swamp

Judicial processes sink the credibility of the party of Rajoy

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The PP Swamp

The more than fifty judicial processes of corruption open against prominent members of Popular party offer a scandalous panorama of formation that presides Mariano Rajoy. The accusations expressed by one of his strong men in Madrid, Francisco Granados, before judge instructor of Punic plot should be taken with caution. At end of day, he is a free-on-bail accused of serious charges and has right to lie before judge. Poor consolation for PP, however, which already corral testimonies of an important bouquet of informers and repentant who seek to reduce ir sorrows or simply adjust accounts with bosses and companions who have not yet sat on bench. Granados is only last of a list in which Ricardo Costa, Francisco Correa, Pablo Crespo, Alvaro Pérez, Luis Bárcenas, Edmundo Rodríguez Sobrino or David Marjaliza, among ors, are already listed.

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All cases share same scheme: bites, false invoices and millionaire diversions to enrich ir own pockets and to doping electoral campaigns. This favored expectations of staying in power and, at same time, greasing corrosive machinery that, without fear of being wrong, can be described as most corrupt party in Spanish democracy. Valencia and Madrid have been most important bastions, defrayers of campaigns and political wills.

Granados ' statements are especially damaging to Esperanza Aguirre, who is boss of a good handful of corrupt people. But y also dot Cristina Cifuentes, whose efforts to dissociate mselves from blackest time of corruption in PP of Madrid collide with ir connection with this training for last 27 years. One case after anor comes to show that PP has been illegally financed, both at national and regional levels. Its proceeding causes scandal in Spanish society, which is confessed concerned by political corruption of this country, face B of brand Spain. Corruption is worst enemy of party and its visible head. And Mariano Rajoy is political leader of outrages and lack of response to m. The probes are explicit. Citizens take lead and up to 62% of popular voters, according to Metroscopia, y think y should quit. The improvement of economy of which Rajoy is rightly presumed is of little use. 53% of Spaniards believe that this improvement has nothing to do with action of ir government.

This new judicial episode confirms depth of swamp in which PP splashed. It preludes more scandalous data while Rajoy closes ranks ignoring anti-corruption pact signed with citizens and warnings of Council of Europe on lack of prevention.

The PP is trapped in his rhetoric. At time, he cried out for his innocence and differed from assuming responsibility to pronouncements of courts. But when courts take matters into matter and truth begins to come to light, it argues that se are things of past that nobody is interested in. And n he laments his null ability to persuade Spaniards of his will to cleanse and regenerate.

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