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The PP, without alibi

The illegal financing of the party in Valencia sinks its low credibility

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The PP, without alibi

Justice continues to dismantle all arguments traditionally arguments by people's Party so as not to take responsibility for corruption scandals in which it has been implicated. The number of indictees and convicts has thwarted alibi that se were isolated cases. The high convictions of one of most important pieces of plot Gürtel on May 25 attributed PP in past in a desperate attempt to stay in power against all ethical and political logic. The verdict, now, of national hearing against one of branches of Gürtel in Valencian Community no longer allows him even that subterfuge. The campaigns of PP for local and autonomic elections of 2007 and for Generals of 2008, with Rajoy already president of party, were doped with black money, false invoices and illegal commissions through a mafia frame commanded by leadership of Match in Valencia.

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The many scandals accumulated in Madrid and Valencia show that both communities were for years box in which to put hand. And if its national leaders are not directly involved in this new sentence, it incriminates Mariano Rajoy support received by n President of Generalitat Francisco camps — crucial to consolidate his leadership after defeat of 2004 — with magnificent Campaign acts that, as has now been confirmed, were illegally funded always on basis of embezzling public money, enriching " Friends of Soul" group Correa, cheating on awards and, ultimately, always playing with Advantage in elections.

The quagmire in which PP is muddy can increase. The judge has applied a impairment of penalties for collaborating with Justice on some of prosecuted and nine businessmen tried. This may serve as a "spur or stimulus" for ors in cases of corruption, as indicated in this sentence which convicts elecctoral for first time Emprearios. The verdict falls on three legs that support a corrupt system: policy, leash group and private companies that lend mselves to fraud. The prosecutor's office has also opened an investigation into camps following testimonies that were placed at top of Valencian plot in this trial.

The PP has done immense damage to Spanish democracy. Not only has he starred in criminally reprehensible acts. The lack of scruples in defending ir interests has been obscene. The judges did not believe testimony of Rajoy and now doubt also amnesia that camps itself and its vice-President Víctor Campos exhibited in this case in his capacity as witnesses.

The scant respect for justice of se alleged rotten apples has its general correlate in a party engaged in judicial interference and that does not hesitate to cross off "political sentences" those that harm him. With its unseemly management in terms of its own corruption, it has furr eroded, by way, credibility of institutions and confidence of Spaniards in politics.

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