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The precarious and the shadow of their future

The precarious is formed by an aggregation of collectives, united in the insecurity

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The precarious and the shadow of their future

The members of precarious lack identity that is based on work; When y have a job, it is not type that allows a professional career, so that y do not have social memory and feeling of belonging to an occupational community based on stable practices, ethical codes and rules of reciprocity behavior. It does not float on m " Shadow of Future". Around this definition of professor of University of London Guy standing ( precarious. A new social class, editorial past and present) were shown last Saturday thousands of people in 33 Spanish cities, coinciding with sixth anniversary of labor reform of PP.

The balance of this reform is summed up in more employment, but more insecure, badly distributed, worse paid and with an imbalance within company against interests of workers. The structural precariousness. Rightly at time of approval of this reform PP was described as " party of entrepreneurs." These manifestations were summoned by a unitary space called No precarity, in whose founding manifesto it is defended that " plundering of a few is precariousness of majority".

It is advisable not to ignore what is happening, lest we repeat movement 15-M: that it is informed late and badly. The precarious is still a group formed by aggregation of collectives (temporary workers, part-time, false self-employed fellows,...), which seeks its identity within economic insecurity, which has not yet achieved its degree of "effective indignation" and not He is still aware of his strength and his ability to influence.

Among its characteristics could be highlighted following: Their relationship of trust with company in which y work is minimal; Its members lack relationships of or workers ' implicit social contract: job security and a dignified salary in exchange for loyalty. Also, it is very difficult for m to be able to access some of oretically universal benefits of welfare state, such as public pensions, since ir contribution periods are usually shorter than those needed to access m.

When precarious hears about "flexibility" he throws his hands to his head. For him, wage flexibility means adjusting to bottom what he earns; Job flexibility means increasing employer's ability to fire him, changing his professional level or moving him to different centers of company. They are precarious not only because y have unsafe and poorly paid employment, and with insufficient social protection, even if all of this is widespread; They are also being anchored in a status that does not offer possibility of a professional career in which ladder of social mobility works. What several generations had come to regard as acquired rights and with impossibility of reversing.

For precarious ones, Securitys built after Second World War have been retracted. How can you unite a partnership with se characteristics?


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