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The president of the Círculo de Empresarios said to be "confused" to the attitude of Rosell

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The president of the Círculo de Empresarios said to be "confused" to the attitude of Rosell

you Claim that once law is adhered to, is to negotiate solutions

The Circle of Entrepreneurs about Catalonia: "flee like plague where not met, law"

The president of Circle of Businessmen, Javier Vega de Seoane, has said today that employers, not only of Catalonia, "we are shocked with what is going on" in that community, whose Parliament has approved holding of a referédum of independence for 1 of October.

Vega de Seoane, after that you were given to read a statement from association of entrepreneurs before convening of this consultation, has indicated that this is due not only to "drift" secessionist, but behaviour of some rulers.

as to wher re are companies with headquarters in Catalonia that y have contingency plans in event of a hypotical independence, has said that stage of separation of this community from Spain "it is highly unlikely,", although it has been recognized that some are making such plans, and that "take decisions" to relocate to or countries if it came to that "unlikely scenario". Spain would be country that would have more possibilities to receive se entrepreneurs, according to Vega de Seoane.

Regarding support of some businessmen Catalan process of independence, has said that re is no big company that is in favor and even businessmen which in its day supported process, are now "horrified" to shows like voting of law on referendum in Parliament of Catalonia.

neverless, he stated that re may be small business owners who live local, influenced by environmental pressure, to "follow encelados with this drift", but it is usually not.

An entrepreneur, has explained, has responsibility to defend business and from economic point of view independence would be negative, since that would lead to a fall in GDP of between 20% and 30 %.

In terms of position expressed by employers ' association CEOE, has indicated that his statement about open problem in Catalonia "it was relatively correct," although, some paragraph generated doubts.

What, has acknowledged, left him "confused" have been a few subsequent statements of president of employers ' association, Juan Rosell, in that he had to find a middle way between independence and compliance "because yes".

Vega de Seoane said that he did not know if that is a personal opinion of Rosell, but in any case do not believe that to be CEOE, and in terms of delay of Catalan companies in speaking out against process of independence has said that, although in an "emotional situation exacerbated" as it is "complicated" to give your opinion, you believe that "would have been a little more active."

In terms of operations of institutions of Spanish State, considers that y are doing reasonably well and with moderation, because now is time to focus on compliance with priority objective, that "law is fulfilled and that State Right to work", leaving it for later possible changes in Constitution.

with Respect to how it is perceived on outside, process of independence of Catalonia, president of Circle of Entrepreneurs has indicated that it is difficult to explain it to someone outside because "it's hard to explain this nonsense".

Vega de Seoane, who believes that "some people have temporarily lost head", has stated that "it is nonsensical to propose a project that divided to people you have to govern", and has qualified for "fraud tacky" use we have made of institutions, political forces that support referendum and show off to be placed outside of law.


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