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The PSOE proposes to apply a surcharge of 8% to the banking in the tax of companies to allocate it to pensions

The Secretary of Economic Policy and socialist employment, Manuel Escudero, explains that he has a potential fundraiser of about 860 million

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The PSOE proposes to apply a surcharge of 8% to the banking in the tax of companies to allocate it to pensions

The Secretary of economic policy and employment of PSOE, Manuel Escudero, said that proposal of his party to create two new taxes on bank to finance pensions is a surcharge of 8% on same taxable base that corporate tax , as already announced on Tuesday Europe Press.

"We have been inspired by proposal for surcharge rate that was approved in 2016 by Cameron government in United Kingdom; It would be a tax complementary to tax of companies on same taxable basis and with a type of eight percent, "said Squire on proposal of PSOE to promote creation of two new taxes for support of public system of pensions. The socialist leader, Pedro Sanchez, announced this Tuesday measure, claiming that it is "fair" that bank, rescued with public money during crisis, now contribute to its financing.

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In an interview in chain to be collected by Europa Press, Escudero has argued that this proposal is a way to solve a "constant scare" and "loss of capacity" of pension system that government of Mariano Rajoy "is not facing as it should".

As explained, proposed measure is inspired by one adopted in United Kingdom in 2016 and has "a potential collector" of "around 860 million euros". Its main objective is to create new forms of income in Social security system and to improve spending to solve "bottom-up" problem of current model: "It is a living deficit, core of deficit is 7 billion euros each year," he said.

"We want to see this deficit go down," said Squire, arguing that problem has been caused mainly by "unemployment" and "much lower wages, involving much lower prices." So he has reiterated that until problem is resolved it is necessary to "resort to taxes".

He argued, "additional income is needed" to resolve "deficit" of Social security. In this sense, Executive Secretary of Social Security and Toledo Pact of PSOE, Magdalena Valerio, has pointed to need to "complete" ir financing through taxes because "it is not only to create more jobs" and "quotes are not enough ".

The PSOE leader has said that it would seem "fatal" that banks "decide to be insupportive" if y decide to collect commissions to ir customers to compensate for collection of this new tax: "Is retribution justice," said Valerio, who has urged entities Banks to "contribute" to fund pensions after "rescuing" m.

He has also advocated to control banks ' actions by law to avoid "outrages" and possibility of m charging commissions to customers in event that new banking tax is created to support pension system.

Putting yourself to work "seriously"

For socialist, this must be implemented to have "homework done" when baby boom generations from 2022 and 2023 begin to retire: "You have to get to work seriously because re is fear, re is uncertainty," he has apostilled.

Valerio, who has described proposal "shock treatment", has responded to criticism of spokesperson of PP in Congress, Rafael Hernando, against proposal of PSOE — popular crossed of "unimaginative" and "demagogic". In this line, he stressed that measure raised is working "perfectly" in United Kingdom knowing that in that country "y are nothing suspicious of being social Democrats".


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