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The release of Raqa

The ISIS loses its capital, but that does not mean that jihadism is finished

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The release of Raqa

The release, announced yesterday, of Syrian city of Raqa, considered informal capital of Islamic State, constitutes a hard blow for jihadism both for symbolic and strategic value of its defeat and way it has been produced.

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Since 2014, Raqa had been one of symbols of power of ISIS used by Islamist propaganda to irradiate inevitability of jihadi caliphate's triumph over a decadent west and corrupt and servile Muslim states. Existing in Middle East. A propaganda that has served to convert people fascinated by jihadists in countries around world and move to embark on a journey, almost always without return, to dozens of women who expected to find a paradise on earth. But as it could not be orwise, things on ground were very different and this Syrian city has been martyred for three years, losing tens of thousands of inhabitants and converting rest into real prisoners. One proof is that last resistance of jihadists came from central Hospital of city.

The conquest of Raqa culminated yesterday by a coalition of Syrian militias captaineded by Kurds and with support of United States is a hard blow also to strategy of control of territory of ISIS whose front is crumbling and has already left Party in C S. As in case of Iraq, national collaboration with international support has been revealed as an absolutely effective weapon in combating jihadism.

However, we must not be deceived. This defeat does not mean that ongoing jihadist threat to democratic societies has diminished. On contrary. The more cornered on ground you will find greater ISIS will be your need for propaganda and your determination to hit your enemies.

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