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The resignation of Agramunt

The PP seeks to export its malpractice on corruption to the Council of Europe

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The resignation of Agramunt

The Council of Europe, an institution responsible for ensuring democracy, freedoms and fundamental rights in Europe, has concluded, after a thorough independent investigation, that five of members of its parliamentary assembly, including two Spanish, violated code of ethics of Organization, where 47 countries are present, so it invites m to submit ir resignation.

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The report argues that senator of People's Party, Pedro Agramunt, who chaired assembly between 2016 and 2017, and deputy of PDeCAT, Jordi Xuclà, laundered democratic and human rights credentials of Azerbaijan, a country that entered Council of Europe in 2001, despite existence, verified, of prisoners of conscience and of evidences of electoral fraud committed by Government of Central Asian country. The investigation concludes that Azerbaijani Government employed substantial economic resources, in form of bribes, gifts and luxury trips to a number of members of Assembly in order to achieve a favourable treatment for ir country.

The Assembly, acting accordingly, has urged Senator Agramunt and deputy Xuclà to renounce ir seats in Strasbourg. But Popular party and PDeCAT, far from be embarrassed by reproach and damage to image of Spain that this reproach assumes, approved by no less than 123 votes in favor and 9 against, insist on keeping m in ir posts with argument that report "does not have Legal value ".

It is already embarrassing for Spaniards to have to endure constant refusal of PP to have ir deputies and senators take responsibility for unethical conduct and to escuden after courts. But y also intend to export ir malpractice to Council of Europe, a reference since 1949 of democracy on continent, is entirely unacceptable. Agramunt and Xuclà must resign without delay.

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