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The risk of precariousness

In the event of an intense slowdown or recession, the Spanish labour market would now be as vulnerable as the onset of the crisis

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The risk of precariousness

Despite systematic improvement of labour market statistics, quality of employment remains very low and is a serious factor of weakness for future growth of economy. It is true that in third quarter of this year have exceeded 19 million jobs (19,049,000, specifically) and that unemployment rate has fallen to 16.3%. Employment continues to grow, in this quarter for obvious reasons ( tourist season) and, hopeful detail, active population has increased by 53,000 people. But large numbers are no longer enough to measure recovery. And y are not because once Spanish economy has overcome recession, goal can no longer be to increase employment in any way.

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The 2007 crisis and associated recession showed something obvious: that precarious jobs and those occupied by less qualified people are first to be destroyed in event of a serious economic upheaval. Such jobs are associated in Spain to tourism and construction markets. Well, peculiarity of Spanish recovery is that it is generating jobs of same quality that began to destroy massively in 2008. This means that in event of an intense slowdown or recession, Spanish labour market would now be as vulnerable as onset of crisis. The temporality rate is now at 27.38%, four points more than in 2013.

Although wage depreciation was formula for dealing with depression of Spanish economy in 2012 — re were or options and ways to do it — it is not acceptable to sustain growth on precariousness and falling wage incomes. The Government's economic decisions have depressed rents and allowed decline in recruitment, but now is time to change pattern of growth and improve recruitment.

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