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The scandal of San Fermín agitates the moralism proge

The prohibition and the goodism reappear against the hedonistic excess of Pamplona

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The scandal of San Fermín agitates the moralism proge

The prevailing moralism that aspires to make us better reproaches Pamplonesa Festival of San Fermín its excesses and its brutality, to extreme of pretending to constreñirse its idiosyncrasy to an exercise of social pedagogy and homeopathic syrup. Also feast, Despojándola of its raison d'être, hedonism. and pretending to castrate it in its hyperbolic nature. Before protection of citizen is extreme, it may well be agreed that San Fermín represents a state of emergency. The festive, evasive and alcohol evidence does not imply that Penal Code should be suspended or that it should be condescended with machismo, but it obliges suspension of moral code.

And it impresses how it tries to apply it progressed from an ethical authority and an anestic power that arrogates itself by natural right. Hence temptation to ban bullfighting as an expression of atrocity has flourished. It was suggested by mayor himself, with his cane of Bildu, not already questioning point of universal attraction that represents city that governs, but pretending to evacuate of festival transubstantiation of wine and blood.

It is same hypocrisy that television networks incur. All of m are recreated in narration of enclosures because Marabunta democratize heroism, it turns it into assembly, but y swear as it happens with cattle afterwards. As if y had evaporated. And as if path of Miura does not consist precisely of moving from pens to square to be dealt with and sacrificed to rapier. The TVs teach us warming, but y hide game from us.

The time will come when wine will become water. They will come to mass without Eucharist and vegan sausage. It will end up imposing simulation of party, restricting for our good all those behaviors that escape to placebo of happy and ordered world.

And it is looming in a matter of a few hours perfect storm in which animalistic movements, anti-bullfighting, moralists, Puritans, and even protective and interventionist left who are very fond of legislating, can be proposed Prevent entry of Bulls to those under 18 years of age-, denying that tribal Spain that appears on CNN and that is anestized with party transforming a conservative city and even prude like Pamplona in Iruña and Gomorrah or Sodom.

The pretension consists in ending San Fermín as a visceral, colossal, irrational, alcohol, orgiastic, pagan, deranged, anachronistic, immoral, Eucharistic and pecuniary party — and also familiar, diurnal, peaceful — but it would be said that all those reasons They are not grounds for banning party, but for preserving and protecting it.

And it is true that here in Pamplona, Capote de San Fermín grants indulgence. Not for fifth or seventh Commandment, but certainly for capital sins. They are seven, as on July 7, and we will come to observe, to letter, before secular and fundamentalist clergy turn red and white colors of San Fermín into allegory of Prohibition.

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