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The setback of citizens

Rivera has erred in his strategy after being unsettled by the motion of censure

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The setback of citizens

Spanish politics has taken an unexpected turn. A week ago — it seems now an eternity — sentence of Gürtel case changed everything, as Albert Rivera said. This was made clear by President of citizens, party called to lead center right of this country, according to polls. On Thursday, May 24th, Rivera said verdict would have consequences. Seven days later, everything indicates that he was unaware of what would be and also that his strategy was wrong.

The result of this motion of censure has an obvious victim: PP of Mariano Rajoy. But it has also left a serious casualty to revelation party, citizens. The orange formation has betrayed ambition that fueled its success October. Convinced that ballot box would give him immediate victory, he did not calibrate in time overwhelming force of general will to throw Mariano Rajoy out of Moncloa and that that, and not anor, was now inevitable objective of political and social consensus.

The vocation of citizens of Centre Party capable of agreeing with each or in good of nation and committed against corruption has been questioned. The new party of Democratic regeneration has entered game of old politics.

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His efforts in convening elections as soon as possible and blaming PSOE to ally with independentists and nationalists has no pass because he knows that only with his votes would have favored formation of that strong executive of transition needed that would have provided country Orderly departure of a government of Rajoy with early call for new elections. But its strategy was an impossible equation: to take Rajoy, but not to support motion favoring leader of opposition, Pedro Sanchez, without taking into account that advantage that supposedly granted him already had given ballot box in 2016.

It was a pirouette of fate. Citizens launched relief of Rajoy retirándole ir parliamentary support and party that supported government. Now, in just two days of censorship session has become a guide to main opposition party, which is going to be PP from now. It's a mistake that forces you to cool your expectations and be more patient

Citizens dreamed of power without being aware of reality of ir bare 32 seats. From now on, your role will be less relevant, but you probably didn't throw it all away and keep on treasuring a wealth of expectations. Perhaps we are attending last act of bipartisanship, fight at summit of two classic parties: PP and PSOE. We could do well to join Socialists in hope of ir time. Citizens, however, has been left unsettled. For now.


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